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Default Sheol from GT:AR1?

In GURPS Traveller Alien Races 1 there is a minor race of gas giant sophonts called the Sheol in the Querion system. (Or two symbiotic races, to be picky.)

A quick google suggests the this is the only book they were in. Are there any non-trivial references in other Traveller sources?

I was using them in a Storium Traveller game that has just restarted under a new Narrator.

I was setting the game just before or during the government discovery of this new race and covert corporate contact. There is one or more Interpreter variant Messengers on a ship the PCs have run into at Bollotrir Highport over Hrunting. These are one of the first if not the first Sheol to leave their planet.

Note that I made some changes and additions to the canonical version for my game. I changed the timeline as needed to fit the game. I made them psionic (book does not say), and I flipped the nationalities. In the book Sheol is in Zhodani space but was contacted by an Imperial corporation. Imperial intelligence eventually noticed, raided the corporation, and told the Zhodani about the Sheol.

I flipped the nationalities, deciding that in this game Sheol was in Imperial space and contacted by a Zhodani corporation. Since they are psionic, the Zhodani have a natural interest and expertise. Or maybe Sheol is in Sword World space.
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Default Re: Sheol from GT:AR1?

According to the Traveller wiki page Sheol, they were first mentioned in classic Supplement 5 Lightning Class Cruisers.
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Default Re: Sheol from GT:AR1?

Originally Posted by cptbutton View Post
I made them psionic (book does not say),
Actually there is a sidebar saying that Sheol have normal levels of psionic potential, but their minds are very alien to humans for obvious reasons.
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