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Default [Powers] Skill penalties instead of FP for Stunt base cost

So for Temporary Enhancements and Using Abilities on Default there is a base FP cost for even attempting the feat, before you even consider buying off the penalty skill penalty. I'm wondering about the ramifications of replacing that base FP cost with a skill penalty for some, but not all, power sources in the game I'm working on.

Basically my thought it:
Superscience powers have a base skill penalty, then additional skill penalty that can be bought off.
Magic Powers have base energy cost, then a skill penalty that can be bought off.

What are the problems with this? Is it balanced? What're the ramifications?
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Default Re: [Powers] Skill penalties instead of FP for Stunt base cost

For my take on Imbuements, which basically applies the idea of stunting and godlike extra effort to get special effects on skills, I allowed for a 0 FP cost by doubling the penalty. I haven't used it in a game yet, but the numbers seem to actually work out alright.
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Default Re: [Powers] Skill penalties instead of FP for Stunt base cost

the FP cost is a solid limiter on Power Stunting and other things such as Temporary Enhancements.
I would be wary of removing it but if I were I would start by looking at the similar effect with Magic spells.
I cant find the Flexibile Ritual option for this in Thaumatology or GURPS Magic.
But raw Magic would not be so bad at -5 skill per -1 FP.
I think the alt version was-3 per -1 which was a tradeoff.
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