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Default Hydrogen Dragon

Hi so we were playing munchkin and my friends wife drew the hydrogen dragon. Is states if you are using a fire/flame item, you automaticly defeat the hydrogen dragon but the treasure is consumed in the explosion. She said she was just going to use her level to beat it. But she had dragon balls equiped which is fire flame. They used pukeachu as a reference. Would the dragon automaticly be killed by the fire or can she choose to fight with only her levels but i see it as a munchkin coming across a monster woth the dragon balls in hand. Which should automaticly burn the dragon right?
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Default Re: Hydrogen Dragon

The wording of Pukachu is a little different, offering us the window to say you can decide to discount your bonuses, as long as you don't have a helper. Hydrogen Dragon basically says, "If a certain condition exists, here's what happens instead." I wouldn't say those are the same thing, and therefore you can't decide, once the Monster is revealed, to not use something that would meet the specific conditions on the card.
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Default Re: Hydrogen Dragon

Don't forget what The Rules say under "Turn Phases":

Your turn begins as soon as the previous player’s turn ends. When your cards are arranged the way you want, go to phase 1.
(emphasis mine)

Phase 1 is Kick Open The Door. You decide what cards are equipped at the start of your turn, so you would already have whatever fire/flame items equipped at the time the Dragon is revealed.
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