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Default Replicating Ming Hua's Tentacle Arms from Legend of Korra

So I'm still a rookie when it comes to GURPS, I've played in a few games but nothing fantastical, mostly mundane Humans with a little bit of weirdness. So now we are starting a Supers game and my character idea is based on Ming Hua from Legend of Korra.

I've got the Control/Telekinesis/Create(Transmutation) elements down for water bending in small amounts and Innate attacks for different abilities but I'm having trouble pinning down exactly how I want her replacement water tentacles to work. I've taken No Fine Manipulators to represent the lack of "real" arms and brought ST down (8 or 9, haven't decided) and I'm currently looking at something like this;

Extra Arms with Extra Flexible and Elemental for 14pts per Arm. Then adding Arm ST (roughly ST 12 so 4 lvls), Stretching (Arms Only), and Brachiator.

I feel like this is a reasonable attempt at replicating them but the part I'm really struggling with is finding a way to represent how I create them since I'm separating it from the "bending" powers so that I can have both at the same time. My thought is that they wouldn't be "on" while I'm asleep or unconscious so I'd need to at the very least use an action to create them if not maybe spend a point or couple of fatigue to activate. Since they were based of Extra Arms a lot of the modifiers/limitations don't seem to directly work with them.

Is there a better base to build them off of?
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Replicating Ming Hua's Tentacle Arms from Legend of Korra

Actually, I think your current suggestion of Extra Arms with limitations sounds pretty much spot-on. I'd argue that the fact that they're not around while she's sleeping or unconscious is basically just a special effect, not a limitation, because you don't really use your arms in those circumstances. I suppose one could argue that if you've been knocked out and are falling off something, it gives your allies fewer places to grab and save you, but I think that's enough of an edge case that it's not worth much. Maybe a -5% Nuisance Effect limitation.

For the No Fine Manipulators disad, remember you should take a Mitigator limitation on it, to represent the fact that most of the time, you do have manipulating limbs. The value of that Mitigator will probably be -90% - this is equivalent to buying the advantage "Has Fine Manipulators" and applying the -10% limitation of Elemental to it.

I'd suggest that you might want to add Ham-Fisted 1 or 2 as a disadvantage as well - it seems to me that Ming Nua's water arms, at least, aren't as capable of fine work as actual fingers would be.
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