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Old 06-01-2017, 03:08 AM   #11
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Default Re: A power to make others see you as they want to see you?

If two people A and B (who want to see different things) observe them at the same time what does each person see?

Do they both see the same thing based on who ever saw them first or has the strongest will, etc?

Do they each see something different that will only become apparent when they discuss it later?

If it's the second then I would model it with a modified reaction bonus. An enhancement to make it universal (+20%) (or a lack of limitations) and a Nuisance Effect (-5%).

Does it work as a disguise?
Can A and B recognise the thing if they see it again?
Can a third person, C, recognise the thing based on the description provided by A and B?

If it does not work as a disguise then I don't think it needs any further modification.
If it does work as a disguise, then I think a modified version of Zeroed would be necessary and possible Alternate Form. The exact modifications would depend on exactly what the desired effect was.
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Default Re: A power to make others see you as they want to see you?

If you don't actually change but only appear to change in others' eyes - and assuming that folks might be able to "see through" the illusion - that'd be the Glamour limitation on the Shapeshifting (Alternate Form, Morph, Elastic Skin, or Hermaphromorph) trait.

I'm not entirely sure a Mind Probe is necessary if you properly mod the Shapeshifting trait, though it does make sense.

(Hermaphromorph might be useful for characters that can appear as male angels to one viewer but a member of the Valkyrior to another. Gender does not normally change between Alternate Forms or when using Morph. (Elastic Skin can appear as either gender if impersonating someone, but won't actually "become" the other gender.) Just tossing that out there for consideration.)
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Default Re: A power to make others see you as they want to see you?

Okay. This might work better. First and foremost, these spirits have a Magical Aptitude slot which functions a lot like Sorcery, so, between these three powers, they will be able to use two at a time. Second, I reference their Duty to Death as spirits of death.

Magical Aptitude 10 [55].

Deathly Form [53] = Invisibility (All; Can Carry Objects, No Encumbrance, +10%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, +10%; Costs Hit Points, 1 HP, -15%; Fringe, -10%; Link, +10%; Magical, -10%; Nuisance Effect, Only works on Duty's target if they believe that Death is unseen, -5%; Requires Will Roll, -5%; Substantial Only, -10%) [31] + Morph (Accessibility, Takes on shape of Duty's target's view of Death, -15%; Cosmetic, -50%, Glamour, Will-5, -5%; Magical, -10%) [22].

Terror (Any; Will-7; Alternative Ability to Deathly Form, 1/5; Accessibility, Only works on near-death targets or those chosen by Duty, -20%; Active, +0%; Cosmic, +50%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -10%; Costs Hit Points, 1 HP, -15%; Magical, -10%; Nuisance Effect, Type of fear depends on target, -5%; Requires Will Roll, -5%) [11].
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