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Default Gurps contact question

I have a player that has, for simplicity a lesser demon bound to a location. For my players to get something on your sheet you need justification+time+points. All of those requirements are met for the character's request to get this 'demon' as a contact.

My question; since the creature is bound to a location how should I handle contact rolls. It's always available, but not reachable by usual means, phone, telegram, ect(much more limited than other contacts of the game). Since you have to actually be at the location to use said contact. How should I stat this out. Anyone know of any rules for such things or any modifiers I could work with?

What I have so far

Lesser demon Contact
Unreliable(it can't lie, but can omit or mislead), Hidden lore: demonology (21), Freq of Appearance:

Note: Basic set:characters does say "You must explain how you normally get in touch with your Contact. Regardless of frequency of appearance, you cannot reach your Contact if those channels are closed." however due to the limited nature of having to go to the basement a town over where this thing is bound to commune with it... is rather restricting.
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Gurps contact question

I'd suggest a "Difficult to get in touch" limitation, worth -25%, for Contacts that are notably less easy to call than the default. Basically the reverse of the "Highly Accessible" modifier from Patrons (which I'd also suggest allowing for Contacts, if they are particularly easy to access).
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Default Re: Gurps contact question

I use the Freq of Appearance values as a guideline.
So if it is really hard to get it can use the -9 cost but if you go through the effort to reach it it will happen.
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