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Default Re: High Amounts of non penetrating damage. Bullets VS Plate Carriers

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Your right, but I think that just really means you shouldn't be giving bullet Cr, but instead keeping them to Pi. Whoops, yes I'd been saying momentum for the last few posts but slipped to force in that last one, sorry ;-)
Giving the bullet a crushing component makes dealing with BABT a lot easier, as it lets you figure out how much of a punch the bullet has behind it. I think it also gives realistic results, with the exception of knockback, but GURPS knockback is already unrealistic. If you find it to be too problematic, simply treat the associated crushing damage as No Knockback.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Against a limb a rifle bullet won't do full HP in injury (it's capped at half HP*).
I was originally going to respond point by point with how I intend my system to handle this, but I think I'm starting to derail the thread a bit with discussion of a bare-bones system that still needs a lot of work, so I think I'll stop where I am on that, and only really discuss the blunt trauma bullet issue.
GURPS Overhaul
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