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Old 04-07-2017, 02:55 PM   #1
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Default Ham Fisted with Extra Arm question

One of the races on my fantasy world, Domibia, are anthropomorphic elephants. Their actual hands are clumsy enough to qualify for one level of Ham Fisted, but they routinely use their trunks for fine, detail work.

Should the fact that they have a trunk disqualify them from getting points from Ham Fisted? Or just modify the value?

In case it matters, the trunks are Extra-Flexible and Weak (ST 8, average)
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Default Re: Ham Fisted with Extra Arm question

I'd say in this case it's a -80% limitation on the disadvantage, so the cost would be -1/-2.
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Old 04-07-2017, 04:04 PM   #3
Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Ham Fisted with Extra Arm question

I've done some thinking about this sort of thing, and the general conclusion I reached is that if only one set of limbs/manipulators have a disadvantage (like Ham-Fisted, Clumsy, etc.), it's actually not a full disadvantage, it's a limitation on the limb. I use the pricing for Temporary Disadvantage, but halved, because it doesn't actually give you the full disadvantage, just applies it to that specific limb.

So, for example, a species that had four arms, two of which were normal-dexterity, and the other two were big, clumsy club-things (equivalent to Ham-Fisted 2), would take Extra Arms 2, with a limitation of Ham-Fisted 2, Only Applies to 2 Arms, for -5% (the normal Temporary Disadvantage limitation would be -10%, halved for this).

Of course, this situation is a bit tricky, since the race effectively has it's "normal" arms being the ones hindered, and only a single arm usable for fine manipulation. In this case, what I'd do is use the rules for modifying beings with one or two arms, and turn the limitation on the main arms back into a disadvantage. So if the main arms had Ham-Fisted 2, that would be effectively a -5 disadvantage, and you'd buy Extra Arm 1 at full cost, 10 points, for a net cost of 5.
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