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Old 03-06-2017, 10:02 AM   #1
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Default Munchkin Marvel TRAP question

I'm new here. Not sure where to post this question about traps. I understand that there are certain cards that can be played anytime during game play, but if I play a trap on someone that forces them to roll the die and discard that many of their cards in their hand, they should not be able to play a "go up a level" card or switch cards before the roll and discard. Isn't that the point of a trap card? To put some sort of penalty on that player? the argument is... the rules say certain cards can be played at any time. Shouldn't a trap overrule that?
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Default Re: Munchkin Marvel TRAP question

In general, once a card is played it is resolved before another card can be played, unless the second card says it can cancel the first. For instance, a Wish Ring or Annihilation can be used to cancel a trap/curse as it is being played.

In your example, the trap needs to be resolved before the GUAL can be played.
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Default Re: Munchkin Marvel TRAP question

It just sucks that it doesn't explain that in the rule book. My game enemies r sticking with that argument.
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Default Re: Munchkin Marvel TRAP question

You can always show them official Munchkin FAQ, which explains this problem :) Sadly rulebooks can't contain each and every explanation in them, because they would be too long and confusing for new players. It's better if you find answers to more troublesome questions online ;)

Q. I just kicked down a door and was hit by a Curse that will force me to get rid of an Item. Can I sell the Item for a level instead?
A. Nope. You have to resolve the Curse before doing anything else. In Munchkin, things happen in the order that they happen. Certain cards are exceptions and can cancel previously played cards (e.g., Wishing Ring), but those exceptions are written on the card itself.
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Default Re: Munchkin Marvel TRAP question

Are your opponents trying to enforce an unnatural stack timing to Munchkin? Stack timing is unnatural to how time actually works in the real world, so you need to explain it in the rules, especially to people who have no idea about interrupts and "instants." I understand that some other games use such a mechanic, but those games go through a lot of effort to explain the timing. I always infer instantaneous timing in any game I play unless some other timing is defined in the rules.
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