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Default Re: Right of Passage

Originally Posted by William

No, I'm fairly sure the intent of Right of Passage is to let an angel go from one place on Earth to another, via repositories of information connected to the Library.
I'm not sure that is the intent but it seems like that's what the attunement should do...okay sounds good to me.
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Default Re: Right of Passage

Originally Posted by Sagitta View Post
It always succeeds, and you can take guests.
You have me curious. You can take guests through the libraries? Human guests? If conditions are desperate, Renegade guests?

My Play-by-Post has some interesting twists which makes this all too relevant.
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Default Re: Right of Passage

Right of Passage is a personal favorite of mine. (As a player, my usual character is a Mercurian of Destiny.) Being able to turn any repository of information into a link to the Library is fabulous. Especially when it means you can make a quiet raid on an enemy information center using the Library Card and then make a quick getaway.

(And in answer to William and zogo, that's exactly how our campaign played it; that you could use 'L-Space' to travel from one Earthly information point to another, using the Library as the connecting link. I used that once to descend into a Hardcore Tether's CD library and another time to reach a Wal-Mart bestsellers/magazine aisle. Not sure which was more diabolic.)

And yes, Barb, for an extra Essence, you can bring a guest, as in one. From the description, it seems that the second person could be mortal, and certainly Yves has guided children before...
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Default Re: Right of Passage

Indeed, the ability to take mortal guests is the core of one of the few adventure seeds I've managed to think up that are set in Heaven: a white Sorcerer with a grand Destiny is allowed in to the Library via Right of Passage, possibly as a transit, but for some reason or another he or she has gotten lost! Your goal is to find him. The Library will help, if you can interact with it properly -- it's pretty much an NPC in the scenario. If you take too long, the Sorcerer's interests lead him or her into areas near the Special Collection, and he or she learns some darker Sorcerous material that is likely to have a bad effect on their future. If you manage the job quickly, the things he or she has learned will mostly help.
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attunements, right of passage

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