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Default Just getting started.

I bought Munchkin Pathfinder today and tried playing it with my two sons. This was the first time any of us had played any version of Munchkin. The game was over after just two rounds because one son and I were both dead. The rules say that a player must reach level 10 to win, but it would be darned boring for my son and I to sit and watch the remaining player basically play a solo game. If all players but one are dead, is the remaining living player automatically the winner?

Also, can you drop below level 0? I got hit with a curse that cost me two levels when I was at level 1. Should that put me at level 0 or level -1?

If I'm at level -1 and I decide to "help" another player fight a monster, do I actually take one level away from the player I'm "helping?"

Finally, I think I'm missing something important because it seems really easy to kill other players in the first round by buffing up the first monster they have to fight. How do games get past the early rounds when everyone is a total wimp?


Edit, I found some answers on

You don't die when you lose a combat with a monster. KEY CONCEPT. That should be in all caps bold type in the printed instructions.

My question about going below level zero remains.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Just getting started.

You can't drop below Level 1.

When you fail to defeat a monster, you have to try to Run Away by rolling a 5 or 6 on the die. If you fail to Run Away, you suffer whatever Bad Stuff is printed on the monster's card.

I encourage you to reread the game rules, particularly the Combat section. We tried to be as clear as we could about what happens during combat and we appreciate feedback on how we can do better.

Have you tried the Flash demo? It walks you through a couple of turns and shows you the various things that can happen.
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Default Re: Just getting started.

In regard to the "Dead" questions - also be sure to read what happens in Munchkin when you die. You are not out of the game. In fact, it can be very Munchkiny to intentionally buff a monster to kill you so you get a new hand...
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Default Re: Just getting started.

Originally Posted by Kayemmo View Post
Edit, I found some answers on
You should also check out the Munchkin FAQ. It's very helpful.

You don't die when you lose a combat with a monster. KEY CONCEPT. That should be in all caps bold type in the printed instructions.
Andrew mentioned the Combat section, but I'll add that there are also two more section in the rules (both on p. 5 in both the standard and deluxe versions of the game) entitled Running Away and Death that cover your question as well. Actually, it's better to say that the end of page 3 through most of page 5 are all about combat. Here's a rather important paragraph from Running Away, in the middle of the section:
Originally Posted by Munchkin Pathfinder Rules, with added emphasis
If you fail to Run Away from a monster, it does Bad Stuff to you, as described on its card. This may vary from losing an Item, to losing one or more levels, to Death (see below).
We also answered your death concerns in the FAQ:
Originally Posted by The FAQ
Q. Exactly when do you die, and how long do you stay dead?
A. You die when you get Bad Stuff that says you're dead. (A very few other cards can cause Death as well.) If you still need to Run Away from other monsters, you are excused from their Bad Stuff, because you're dead. While you are dead, you cannot receive cards for any reason, and you cannot level up. You STAY dead only until the next person's turn starts. Your new character appears at that point and may join normally in the combat, though you will get no new cards until someone gives you charity, you get cards as payment for helping in a combat, or your next turn starts. Fortunately, death is temporary . . .
I can't recall how frequent Death shows up as the Bad Stuff of Munchkin Pathfinder Monsters, but it's typically rare.
Erik D. Zane
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