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Default Serpent Crown - Marvel Munchkin

In a session of Marvel Munchkin this evening, a player was sitting at Level 9, with a Serpent Crown plopped on his head.

The text of the card reads, [deleted - do not post card text, please]

Another player at the table played a GUAL, and the Serpent Crown wearer discarded a card and rolled a 6 on the die.

Question: Can the Serpent Crown wearer go to Level 10 (and win the game) via the Serpent Crown's special ability?

The table dispute was that a player cannot win by playing a GUAL. As such, some at the table interpreted this ability to be "piggy-backing on the GUAL," and thus invalid for a win.

Please advise. Thanks!

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Default Re: Serpent Crown - Marvel Munchkin

unless the card explicitly states that this can be the winning level you can only win by defeating a monster.
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