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Default Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

The Cast

Think Tank - An evil despot fixated on world domination
Death Bot 9000 (Debbie) - Think Tank's simple minded minion.
Booker C. McGuire - (Radiation Mage) - An outcast large mining town tinkerer who left town to get out from under a domineering family.
Clark Stanley - (Snake oil salesman) - An itinerant self-taught purveyor of tonics and elixirs.
Solomon Ward - (Holmes) A Big City guy, with a classic education, seeking order and peace
Declan St. John - (Gunslinger) A hard luck case warrior, Outlaw Josie Wales style.

Session 1
Solomon Ward had been enjoying some well earned rest and recuperation after an exceedingly arduous investigation of espionage against the Liberty Collective by the Son's of Anarchy, a small but violent and well funded resistance group. Solomon received a missive via telegraph from Liberty City instructing him to make haste to Solomon, Kansas to aid the local officials in a matter of some import. Being a loyal servant, Solomon cut short his leave and made haste westward.

Whilst on the train to Solomon, Kansas, Solomon Ward spied a slight, young man of undetermined ethnicity, bearing a mop of unkempt hair and wearing clean but oddly mismatched clothes. Spread out on the table before him, a device of crystals, brass, nickel, tin and wood, its construction both confounding and intriguing. The man, Booker, tinkered with this arcane bit of technology. Solomon asked Booker what he was working on. Booker proceeded to explain but it made no sense to the well educated Solomon. Solomon exposed his mission and Booker accepted the deputation. Next Solomon approached the affable looking man with the over-sized valise. The pair discussed elixirs and tonics, Clark, the man with the valise, offered Solomon a curative, which Solomon took and quaffed to great effect. Solomon quickly deputized the alchemist, seeing the value of such a talent.

A fourth passenger, Declan looked out the window, ignoring the bunch. Solomon noticed the taciturn traveler, scarred of visage and marked with dust of his travels armed with a ferocious revolver whose design came from a bygone age (though of recent manufacture). Solomon, a student of all things of the nostalgic west asked for a closer inspection of the storied iron. Declan, drew the weapon with blinding alacrity and displayed it to the curious law man. After a brief consultation regarding Solomon's mission and Declan's availability, Declan also joined the posse, offering his talents to the enterprise.

It was at this time that the malevolent mind entombed in a glass jar and carried by a wicked engine of destruction woke to the cabal being formed only scant yards away. Think Tank sent his thoughts smashing into Solomon's consciousness, offering his considerable intellect to the group, seeing an opportunity to further his efforts at world domination. Solomon, curious made his way to the rear of the train where he encountered a most unusual sight. Linked to the rear of the caboose was a curious contraption, about the size of a small wagon, bearing a variety of protrusions of curious design, but projecting malice.

The voice who greeted Solomon was cheerful and oddly childlike, asking if he was the John he needed to greet. Solomon expressed his confusion and introduced himself, asking the speaker for his name. The voice identified himself as Death Bot 9000 (Debbie), and really needed to say "Hi" to "Jack", and did Solomon know how to find Jack. Solomon asked Debbie to step out of the car, whereupon Debbie confided that he and Think Tank are the car, and no, he could no step out. Debbie and Think Tank happily agreed to lend their services to Solomon in his noble endeavor, concealing their nefarious goals, abandoning their most recent plan to hijack the train.

As the train rolled into the makeshift station the party surveyed the resurgent town. Evidence of former glory was exhibited by the wonders of the past. The broken remains of gas stations, hotels, fast food joints and strip malls gave mute evidence to the wonders of the bygone world. In their place, like flower buds in spring, but much more dusty, sprung from the dust of Solomon, Kansas. The party, completing their study, debarked the train and made their way into the street to the town's administrative center.

Passing a saloon, general store, and barber shop, the party saw the beginnings of a church under construction at the end of the street. They approached what appeared to be the mayor's office and entered to jangling bell the cramped city administrative center, a one room building, 20x30' room with a 10x10' cell and two desks, one of which was occupied by an older balding man hunched over a flurry of paperwork.

Solomon introduced himself and the team and offered his assistance in the pursuit of the town's goals. The mayor explained that the sheriff sent his deputy and two townsmen to investigate some ranches from whom the town had not heard in a while. The mayor asked for help because he did not want to send more townsmen into danger. He gave directions to the last reported unreporting ranch to the south. The mayor further suggested the party talk to the sheriff who can currently be found at the saloon.

The party made their way to the saloon where they found the sheriff, drowning his sorrows in cheap whisky from a dirty glass. Solomon questioned him, but the sheriff did not have much more to offer than did the mayor. The party inquired of the barkeep as to how they might obtain horses. The barkeep offered to sell or rent horses for the party, Solomon tried unsuccessfully to requisition the beasts. The barkeep led the party out to the livery and presented the horses for sale, which Declan financed from his winnings at the poker table while Solomon negotiated. The party mounted up and moved south.

The party arrived at the perimeter of the ranch, observing the beginnings of a barbed wire fence. They continued down the wagon track marked path. The party approached the ranch proper, coming upon the main house, bunk house and barn. The group discovered evidence of cattle killed weeks ago by bites from what look like human teeth. Upon further inspection, the ranch yard contained evidence of a fight, discarded tools and weapons and the empty shell casings of spent ammunition. The party searched the buildings and found no further evidence. The group moved south following the trail of a large number of shod and unshod humans.

As the party followed the trail to the south, the track led to an overgrown cave bored in the base of a large hill. They proceeded into the cool, damp interior, the smell of death and rot faint in the still air of the cave. The tingling feel of a strange power was noticeable by all but Debbie who confirmed that the feeling was indeed not radiation, as alleged by Booker. Beyond the threshold, the cave transformed into worked concrete walls and finished floors. Light fixtures and motion sensors lined the walls, which the party, through Debbie was able to power briefly, illuminating the halls with a bright industrial light, but fatiguing Debbie mightily.

The party continued their descent, discovering a door with a card reader. Debbie again saved the day by bypassing the door's security. The party entered the room and found a sophisticated workshop, spanning a wide range of technical concerns. Finding another security pane, Debbie again bypassed the door pane, granting access to the hallway beyond. The party continued their exploration, finding a well stocked storeroom, with food, clothes, and other necessities for basic survival, some disturbed recently.

The party continued their descent, into the facility, becoming increasingly interested in the potential of the facility as a permanent base of operations. They discovered a large open chamber with an elevator platform leading up into the darkness and a strange sight further into the room. Upon a makeshift alter of a stone slab upon a pair of crates. Upon the slab was the bound form of a nude human woman. Laid out before the slab were twenty corpses.

The group approached and Declan cut the woman loose. She immediately began warning of an impending threat from "him". Concurrently, Solomon began investigating the corpses. One of the bodies bore a tin star labeled "Deputy Sheriff". Solomon reached down to remove the star, the corpse reached up and grabbed Solomon's wrist. Declan drew his pistol and shot the corpse, Solomon too shot the corpse, as did Booker. Think Tank telekinetically drew a scalpel from Debbie's toolbox and began dissecting one of the corpses.

(to be continued...)

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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Common Knowledge
The world used to be much more advanced, artifacts of arcane technology are everywhere.
"Things" go bump in the night, and occasionally drag people away screaming.
Liberty City is a big city on the east coast (ooc formerly Philadelphia)
The Liberty Collective is a collection of communities on the east coast, led by Liberty City. (ooc Boston to DC)
There are pockets of civilization both along the central rail line (supported by Lithiograph)
Cardinal is a thriving community west of Liberty and currently unaffiliated.

Transportation - 5+ (Steam locomotives; steamboats; early submersibles; balloons and early airships.)
Weapons and Armor - 8 (Smartguns; blinding lasers; unmanned combat vehicles)
Power - 6+ (Steam turbines; internal combustion; alternating current; hydroelectricity)
BioTech/Medicine - 5+ (Germ theory of disease; safe anesthetics; vaccines)

Popular Theories of Why the Apocalypse Happened
1. Biblical Apocalypse (God was angry – demonic vengeance)
2. Another Evil Genius - Army of Robots
3. Scientific Advance (Physics – Nuclear War-ish)
4. God Left
5. Irresponsible use of physical violence (Kaiju)

Church of the Apocalypse:
Once God loved us, but we offended him so he left and let loose Angels and Demons to destroy the world.

Children of the Robot God
God is a Clockwork Construct who created the universe to enjoy the tiny little gears of life.

The Prophets of The Cerebral Way
The only way to salvation is by understanding absolutely everything, at that point we will ascend, like the enlightened Ancients did.

The Displaced
Once there was a God, but lack of belief killed his power. The death of him broke the world. If we gather enough faithful he will return and make the world the paradise it was before the fall.

The Breakers
Technology broke the world, break it when you see it and kill those who would restore the old way.
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Booker C. McGuire

27 years prior to the fall, whatever the cause of that event, an enormous lithium deposit was discovered beneath Springfield, MO. Albemarle Chemical Company tried to gain mining rights to the land, but it was situated under a heavily populated area of the city, so they were shut out. This didn't deter them, though. The deposit was worth billions, and they would have it, so they started a long, arduous process of lobbying, bribing, and blackmailing the appropriate people so they could take the rights to the land.

26 years later, they finally succeeded. They displaced thousands of people and shipped in hundreds of tons of mining equipment to begin mining operations for Table Rock Mines, now one of the most valuable mines in North America. A year later, soon after they had started operations, the Fall hit, leaving a brand-new mine complete with basically undamaged equipment ripe for the picking. It sat untouched for many years, as society fell apart then pulled itself back together, waiting. Many years later, an enterprising scavenger with a penchant for pre-Fall technology combed through the work site that had been picked clean many years ago. Unlike previous scavengers, though, he wasn't looking to make a quick buck. He was in it for the long haul. Digging through documentation, he found the true purpose of the derelict work site, and knew the value of what he'd stumbled upon. His name was Michael Rathmore, and with the help of a few friends and family members, he got the mine back into full operation.

He helped turn what used to be Springfield into the post-Fall battery capital of the Americas. The vast variety of uses for lithium in medicine, metallurgy, electronics, glass, ceramics, and nuclear absorption made the Rathmore family one of the richest, most influential families in the whole of post-Fall America. In the many intervening years, he christened the growing city Apolloton, after the Greek god of light and healing, among other things. A good portion of all new batteries, among other things, are mined, manufactured, and shipped from Apolloton.

With the lack of governmental oversight, his family slowly built the city into a modern-day company town. Everything in the city, from the mine to the homes to the shops to the bars to the doctors are still owned by the Rathmore family. Employees are mostly paid in company credit to keep them in debt, while schooling mostly focuses on the skills necessary to make students effective employees. Many who work the mines often die fairly young of kidney failure.

There are a few differences from 19th century company towns, though. For one, the pre-existing infrastructure of highways and railways in and out of Springfield have left Apolloton a thriving trade hub, which unfortunately for the Rathmores means that company credit is decidedly less effective at keeping the citizens obedient and in line. Secondly, despite the collapse of organizations like OSHA and the EPA, Table Rock Mines does still put an emphasis on safety equipment and PPE, at least so far as it affects the bottom line, so it's much safer for the miners to work their whole lives there. Additionally, due to the fact that lithium is a mood stabilizer, the little contamination that employees do experience has left Apolloton a reputation for being a city full of fairly even-headed citizens.

Abigail McGuire was one such citizen. She and her brothers were the latest in a long line of lithium miners, and she took to the family calling like a fish to water. She was a tomboy growing up, and when she reached adulthood, she immediately started work in the mines. It was an easy life for her: work all day, then go to the bar with her crew at night. She didn't really need much more than that.

One night, when she was 37, after a long day in the mines, she went out with her crew. As usual, she got extremely drunk, which wasn't out of the ordinary for her. It had been a long time since she got laid, so when she saw a long-haired, dark-skinned man eyeing her from across the bar, she didn't hesitate to jump on the opportunity. She followed him to his hotel room, and they shared a wild, drunken night together. She woke up the next morning in an empty hotel room.

Abby was an enormous beast of a woman, so gaining 20 pounds over the course of 36 weeks wasn't particularly concerning to her. It wasn't until she went to the company doctors for severe stomach cramps that she even knew she was pregnant. Somehow, against all odds, the infant arrived completely healthy, despite the daily mining and heavy drinking that Abby did throughout her entire pregnancy. The doctors saw nothing immediately wrong with him, and she wasn't important enough to merit more in-depth tests, so they sent her home with an infant that she hadn't even known was coming.

Growing up, Booker was a quiet child. He was creative and prone to flights of fancy, always talking about his imaginary friends. His mother was never particularly clever or maternal, but she loved her son. She raised him properly, as one of the Displaced, teaching him hope for the future, and proper faith. When he was 8 years old, as a special treat, she took him to a roving trader of books. He had dyslexia, so he always had trouble reading, and she'd heard this merchant had comics, which would need less actual reading, even though he had wanted to. There, he saw a collection of photocopies of reprints of scans of Golden Age comics, which she purchased for him using what little savings of actual money she had. Spider-man, Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Superman, Batman: He devoured them all, quickly becoming obsessed.

Themes of gaining powers caught his attention the most. These Golden Age comics often gave strange and wonderful gifts with radiation, and the idea captivated him. So much so that his chosen Table-Rock Job Training Program field was studying Geological Survey equipment and Prospecting, secretly, (and maybe even subconsciously) hoping to find a secret vein of uranium or plutonium. He often did poorly in the classroom, but every time they went down into the mines for hands-on training, he excelled. He chalked it up to his dyslexia; though unknown to him, there may have been something more to how he found the veins.

In his private time, he liked using abandoned scrap electronics from school, as well as those found in dumpsters, and fiddling with them. Over the course of his studies, he started making even stranger and more wondrous devices. His mother was never quite able to use them, likely because he was so much smarter than she. The devices he made were wonderful contraptions of tubes with blinking lights.

At 17, while the debts were still his mother’s and not his, she asked him to leave town. Take his genius elsewhere, and make something of his life, free from the debts of the Table Rock Mining company. So he left, scant few things on his back, promising to come back for her some day. Aimless, he started wandering. It was during the early days of this that he stumbled across a man named Solomon Ward...
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Solomon Ward-

Solomon Ward grew up an orphan in Liberty City, left in the care of the Church of the Apocalypse. Despite its grim name, the Church proved to be an excellent environment for Solomon to grow up in.

Around the time Solomon became a teenager, it became apparent to the Church leadership that his talent for finding information was something that couldn’t be explained by his intelligence alone. Clearly Solomon was being given special attention from St. Anthony, Angel of the Lost! The nuns and various clergy that raised Solomon taught him that he must have been singled out by the angels for a higher purpose. Solomon’s flashes of insight and his prodigious intellect, combined with a powerful curiosity gave the Church leaders every excuse to move him to a special facility to focus on his education, and to develop his special talents.

Unbeknownst to Solomon, this facility was a joint effort- financed by both the Church of the Apocalypse and the Liberty Collective government. The Church and the LC gov’t had a keen interest in gathering and raising as many gifted children as they could to be loyal servants of the Church, the Collective, or both.

When he reached adulthood, Solomon was approached by two sharply dressed men that made him an offer that seemed tailor-made for him. The men offered Solomon a chance to continue his education at one of the few universities in the Collective. His schooling would be free, provided he commit to training to become a Marshal, and agree to serve as an agent of the Liberty Collective for a period of at least five years.

Having been raised to believe that his gift for finding information was proof that the angels had singled him out, Solomon knew that this was his destiny knocking. Before they could finish selling him on their offer, the two agents of the Collective had an eager Solomon asking when he could leave to begin his education and training.

Solomon excelled at university. His curiosity was an asset that helped him devour information, the stranger and more esoteric, the better. Given the freedom to choose his own course of study- so long as he spent time training for his eventual assignment as a Marshal- saw Solomon turn to increasingly odd areas of interest. He was raised on stories of angels and demons, so it was obvious to Solomon that there were fantastical things in the world that couldn’t be explained by science alone. His fascination with the strange and the arcane led Solomon to study the theories of occultism. There was a growing minority of academics who believed that the surviving stories of magic and occult rituals were evidence of strange powers at work throughout history.

Eventually, Solomon reached the end of his education and his time at university. His studies and the training he’d undergone in preparation for Marshal training made it obvious that Solomon was a prime candidate for the Infiltration and Investigation track. While he wasn’t useless with a gun, his talents were much better suited to the more subtle aspects of law enforcement.

After completing his training, Solomon quickly made a name for himself as an Investigator. Through dogged determination, mysterious flashes of insight, or a combination thereof, Solomon Ward became known within the Liberty Marshal Service as the go-to for the cases that were strange, odd, or lacking in hard evidence. At the end of his five years of mandatory service, Solomon knew that the nuns and various clergy who had raised him were right, he did have a higher purpose: discovering the truth as a Marshal for the Liberty Collective. Signing on for another five years was as easy as breathing for the loyal servant of Church and country.


While relaxing after yet another successful investigation, Solomon received a message from his superiors with instructions to head out to Solomon, Kansas in the Disputed Territories. As he read his orders, Solomon was overcome by a strong sense of urgency. Long used to his gifts from the Angel of the Lost, Solomon followed the urge and cut his holiday short to make way to Kansas.
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 2

The scene opens with our intrepid explorers facing the dead rising from their what should have been their eternal slumber. Behind the altar Declan shielded the madly sobbing girl, wrapping her in his arms and turning her from the horror. Booker, readied his radiation rifle to blast the undead. Clark drew his derringer and Solomon aimed his pistol at the rising corpse while stepping away. Debbie unlimbered her cutting arm and Think Tank continued his examination of the corpse in front of him. The once deceased deputy sheriff rose to his feet and began advancing on Solomon while a second corpse opened it eyes.

Booker shot the corpse, singing its clothes and burning its skin, to no obvious effect. Clark shot at the corpse, missing. Solomon again shot the corpse again for little effect. Debbie struck the corpse before her, skewering its groin with her yard long vibro-blade. Think Tank telekinetically grappled the most recently awoken zombie, halting its progress. The deputy latched its teeth into Solomon's shoulder, biting him and almost breaking the skin. A third zombie opened its eyes

Booker began preparing to shoot again, charging his rifle. Clark Shot the corpse again, this time scoring a hit. Solomon again shot the deputy, not the sheriff, this time slowing the creature a bit. Debbie slashed the horror Think Tank had restrained, scoring a terrible wound, Think Tank used his power to try to snap the creature's neck, failing due to the unnatural strength of the undead. The zombie on Solomon again attempted to bite, but failed to land his attack, while the zombie grappled by Think Tank's mind broke free of his mental bonds. The recently awoken zombie (third for those of you counting) rose to its feet. A fourth Zombie opened its eyes.

Booker launched a massive shot at the Zombie in contact with Solomon and ended its unnatural existence. Clark began the slow process of reloading his antiquated pistol. Solomon took the opportunity to shoot the newly risen zombie, scoring a hit. Debbie scored another hit with her vibro-blade severing the foot of the zombie. Think Tank again grappled the zombie he previously held, succeeding in his mental wrestling. For their part the Zombie Think Tank grappled tried to break the hold but failed, the one Solomon shot and Debbie crippled crawled forward, mortally wounded, but undaunted in tis goal of reaching the party. The fourth zombie rose to its feet, and a fifth awoke.

Booker again began charging his weapon for another shot. Clark continued reloading. Solomon shot the now grievously wounded zombie finishing it. Debbie switched her attack to the zombie Think Tank had grappled, slicing it in half, killing it, again. Think Tank grappled the crawling zombie, seizing it with his mind. The grappled, crawling zombie struggled against his invisible bonds, to no avail. Zombie #4 began chewing on Debbie's armor. Zombie #5 rose to its feet. Zombie #6 opened his eyes.

Booker changed tactics and ignited a patch of ground around several supine and one standing zombie into flames. Clark continued reloading. Solomon shot the zombie advancing on him, emptying his revolver. Debbie switched to her cannon, preparing to shoot the zombie on Solomon. Think Tank mentally snapped the neck of Zombie #3. Zombie # 4 continued his slow advance on Solomon, closing with the detective. Zombie #5 continued chewing on Debbie, Zombie #6 stood amidst the flames while zombie #7 awoke in fire.

Booker prepared to fire again. Clark finished his reload. Solomon began the process of reloading his revolver. Debbie shot the zombie on Solomon, removing the Zombie's head cleanly at the shoulders. Think Tank telekinetically grappled Zombie #6, holding it in place as it slowly roasted. Zombie 4 continued its futile attack on Debbie, Zombie 6 continued to fight Think Tank's hold, without success. Zombies 7 and 8 stopped functioning as they roasted in the flames.

Zombie #5 expired in a fusillade of attacks while Think Tank broke the neck of Zombie #6. With the threat of hungry undead relieved, Booker began hyperventilating in a post-traumatic episode. Think Tank resumed his autopsy. Solomon tended to his wound while Think Tank offered a more, invasive solution. The party examined its immediate surroundings for clues while the girl the rescued gibbered about her attacker. After a few fruitless minutes, the alter began to glow and the zombies on the ground began to knit back together and rise again.

Combat began anew, but he party quickly put down the zombies, by destroying the alter, as the undead healed amidst pulses of sickening radiance from the alter. Booker noted that when the altar pulsed, he felt much more powerful, all the rest of the group noticed was an increased tingling. Booker scavenged a piece of the alter which he determined to be local granite. Deciding that there was still an active threat, the party decided to continue to explore the facility. Solomon discovered some recent tracks heading to a door next to what looked like an elevator. The party discovered a stairwell descending into the depths of the facility.

The party plunged a level down, embarking on the 2nd landing. They pushed bravely through the door into a sepulcher like corridor. Debbie detected the fainest heat signature coming from a door near the end of the hall. The part proceeded and discovered a strange room of dark consoles next to beds covered with glass canopies. Think Tank identified the room as a med bay full of auto-docs. The only one radiating any heat was frosted over with a mist, the rest were empty and clear. Solomon touched the console and got the impression of an ancient figure, full of horror, desperately closing the glass canopy of the bed. Think Tank opened the canopy with his mind to reveal a hazard suited figure, supine upon the slab. Think Tank thought an awakening thought into the mind of the figure.

The figure awoke slowly and identified himself as Victor, the group offered him employment in their band. Seeing the opportunities, rose from the auto-doc, gathered his hidden gear and proceeded with the rest of the party. The group explored the rest of the level, finding barracks with one lived in bed and matching evidence in the nearby latrine. Solomon aging tested the living quarters for impressions and had a disturbing vision of a twisted man in black robes gibbering to himself about something incomprehensible. The party continued to the next level.

The thirst level consisted of a long wide hallway with doors to the left and right mid corridor and one squarely at the end. Detecting nothing to either side, and hearing the faint sounds of chanting from ahead, the party proceeded. Think Tank projected his consiousness beyond the door and espied the black robed figure kneeling on the ground before a pentacle guarded by 10 zombies.

When think Tank conveyed this information, the party prepared themselves before the door. Debbie flung the door open and the necromancer died in a hail of bullets. Unfortunately, this disrupted but do not end the magical effect the foul mage was creating, for out of the slow mist in the center of the pentacle formed a figure out of nightmare. Nine feed to hulking red muscular flesh, huge bat wings, horns, and forked tail menaced the group.

While several of the team devolved into huddled masses, Debbie and Victor opened up and blew the demon into small bloody chunks, chunks which Think Tank quickly collected as samples.

(…to be continued)
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 3:

The curtain opens on our…heroes…in the reactor room of the pre-apocalypse facility trying to figure out what to do next. The Necromancer rapidly cooled on the stone floor. His demon was reduced to a puddle, a very big puddle, of ectoplasmic goo inside the pentagram. His zombies, all ten milled around ignoring the adventurers, waiting for instruction from their now corpsified boss.

Declan tried in vain to comfort the girl, but such comfort was beyond his skills. Solomon, collected himself and offered to take the girl to town while he delivered his report to his superiors. The rest of the group nodded gamely, not really caring as each had his own agenda to pursue.

With Solomon gone, Think Tank wasted no more time in powering up the ancient reactor, the machine roared to life and produced an eerie hum of electricity through out the lifeless complex. The now reduced band decided to explore the rest of the structure and uncover its mysteries. They found both water storage and processing facilities as well as a chemical storage depot on the reactor level. The party went back to the second floor where they found a kitchen and dining facility along with another barracks and latrine.

The team returned to the reactor room to do something with the remaining zombies. Think Thank decided they were ripe for scientific research and began collecting them for movement to an upper level safe haven. Declan and Booker jointly decided to take a more permanent and violent solution to the zombie infestation and proceeded to unload their weapons into the living dead corpses once Think Tank, Victor and Debbie entered the elevator.

Clark and Think Tank both asked for clarification of the gunfire while Declan and Booker mowed down zombies. Debbie released her two charges and turned away from the collected zombies, causing Think Tank to lose his hold on the two he secured. Declan reloaded his pistol with lightning alacrity, continuing his deadly assault on the already dead while Booker's radiation gun continued to fire. Clark asked for one alive.

Debbie, Think Tank, and Victor continued down the hall, back to the reactor pursued by four zombies. Victor hopped a ride on Debbie. Declan dropped another zombie while Booker aimed down the hallway at the zombies pursuing Debbie and Clark shot one of the zombies in the leg.

Debbie turned back to the pursuing zombies, allowing Think Tank to snatch up two in a psionic embrace. Victor spewed a vile toxic concoction on the zombies, to little effect. Booker and Declan dropped the last of the zombies in the reactor room with a hail of bullets and scorching radiation. Seeing all the zombies return to their previously unmoving state, Clark ran back into the reactor room.

Debbie moved in and grappled one of the remaining zombies. With the threat neutralized, Think Thank explained to the warriors that he merely wanted spare parts in case any of the team were injured. Booker, stunned by the horror of combat, stood motionless, his brain trying to process the complex flood of hormones released by the conflict. Declan shrugged and collected his speedloaders.

Think Tank and Debbie secured the zombies in the 2nd floor latrine while the rest stacked the zombie bodies for later removal. With the zombies so restrained, Declan checked the necromancer and found his ritual dagger, his athame, and Booker cleaned the Sharpie™ produced pentagram with a little of Declan's whiskey.

Back on the top level the party found two sets of administrative offices, more workshops and a well stocked armory and magazine filled with oddly antiquated weapons and munitions, still more advanced than commonly found, but primitive for such an otherwise advanced base. Booker recovered a reflex tactical suit from one of the storage warehouses.

Victor trapped the entrance of the complex with a fiendish array of toxic grenades, leaving a path for the wary or knowledgeable. While working on this task, Victor espied an irregular mound of dirt and weeds, as he approached, the plant matter withered and died beneath his feet, clearing the way for him to brush aside the dust of a century to expose a tarnished motorcycle of once purest white. Victor pulled the ancient machine out of its earthy tomb and powered it on. With an atavistic tremor the machine shrugged off a hundred years of neglect and returned to its antiseptic glory.

Back in the hanger, Debbie worked the elevator, discovering that it opened a hole in the top of the hill, with which the elevator floor mated perfectly at the terminus of its ascent.

The team decided that they had discovered all they were likely to in the old facility and determined that they should return to town to meet up with Solomon. Once outside, Debbie requested privacy while she changed. When everyone averted their eyes, Debbie removed her armor and transformed into her open topped Conestoga wagon shape and signaled the group her readiness. With that the group set off back to Solomon, Kansas to find Solomon Ward.

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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 3: (Continued)
Their first stop was the Mayor's office wherein the mayor directed the group to the saloon, where they would assuredly find both the sheriff and the Marshall, Solomon. Their search proved the mayor correct as they found Solomon in deep and heated conversation with the local lawman amidst the busy chatter of dinnertime custom at the town's one public eatery/tavern/inn/brothel/livery.

Solomon motioned them over and delivered the news that he had sent his report down the line and received a reply. The group was to proceed to Hayes, Kansas to investigate yet another collection of disappearances. As it was getting rather late in the day, the group spent the night in Solomon, as guests of the town, given their remarkable success at defeating a murderous madman.

The next morning the group set out for Hayes and arrived at the rough collection of ramshackle buildings while the excitement of the day was still at a low boil. Declan decided to get a drink and play some cards while the rest of the party sought the local law. Declan entered a low, smoky room, as much opium and meth den as tavern, just as one man dove over a table and stabbed another man to death, allegedly for cheating at cards. Ignoring the scuffle, Declan approached the bar and ordered a drink then made his way over to the now empty chair at the poker table and bought into the game.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party sought out and found the local law man, sitting outside a sidewalk tienda, smells of fresh tortillas and grilling meat wafting from the stand. Solomon introduced himself and his party, which prompted the sheriff to tell his tale of the troubles of the local farms. Reports of disappearances from the surrounding farmsteads have been trickling in for months, but the reports are strange and inconsistent. The sheriff asked for help getting to the root of the problem and suggested starting at the Smith Ranch just southeast of town. The team agreed and made their way to find Declan.

Just as the team entered the dark and filthy den of iniquity, Declan caught the man who stabbed the other man at the beginning of the scene cheating. When Declan called him on it, and the man protested, Declan drew and blew both the man's hands off. This prompted the newly amputated cheater to fly out the door, spraying blood all over the walls and floor of the already biologically unclean tavern. He burst through the door and collapsed onto the street, succumbing to shock and eventually blood loss. The others at the table casually divided the cheater's stake and Declan bid them goodnight. Think Tank took the opportunity to harvest the cheater's organs, remembering Declan's objections to Zombie parts as spares.

The party made their way south east, making good time despite Declan's period transport (a horse). Eventually, they came upon a well maintained fence line and proceeded down the track to the ranch. They passed amber wheat fields, but Debbie detected an anomaly, an unexpected break in the field to the west. Booker went to investigate and discovered a perfectly shaped patch of missing grain. As he explored he discovered it had some surprisingly regular geometry to it, almost as if by design. Think Tank reoriented his perspective to get a bird's eye view of the field and discovered a series of shapes burned into the crop, three rectangles and two circles, one rectangle facing south, two circles in line to the north and a rectangle to the rear 45 degree of the north most circle. Not gleaning any more information, the party proceeded on.

They arrived at a well kept farm, complete with a number of busy hands and a pretty if aging farmwife. The team, in all their oddness, approached the woman and offered their services with the mystery. The woman, Mrs. Smith described how just about everyone on the ranches in about a forty mile area have been taken by mysterious abductors in their sleep but returned by morning in each case. That, taken with all the poor dead cattle, it made for quite the disruption. The team asked to have a look around and found an odd set of fingerprints on a bedroom window (several parallel lines instead of the expected swirls), several dead, presumably vivisected cows, and a whole farm full of upset people. Think Tank took a sample of the DNA at every opportunity.

The team promised they would get to the bottom of the mystery and set off to explore other farms. At each they found much the same conditions, odd symbols in the grain, dead cattle and muddy memories of nocturnal visitors. The team determined a pattern of the abductions and planned an ambush for the perpetrators. Debbie revealed the pattern to the team, expressed as two dots on a line north to south, a single dot between and to the east of the two dots, and a curved line running generally north to south with the end points parallel with the first tow dots and the mid point further east.

The team made their way to the ranch they suspected was next on the list and after making arrangements with the farmer, setup for their vigil. Just after midnight Booker, using his handmade night vision goggles, spotted a slightly darker shape against the dark night sky. Booker alerted Victor who stepped out into the ranch's front yard. The descending shape paused briefly then shot out into the night sky, Debbie estimating (roughly) at 3500 miles per hour.

The team mounted up and headed south for about half and hour coming upon a ranch with the strange crop disturbances. The ranch turned out to be the Branson ranch, the rancher himself showing up to the door in boxers and a wife beater, his spouse draped in a bed-sheet. When questioned, the ranch hands confirmed that one of their members, Bill, was missing from his bunk. The team decided to conceal themselves and see if the abductors returned the unfortunate hand.

The team members who could melted into the shadows while Debbie and Think Tank pretended to be a wagon. At 05:03:43, the team observed a dark shape descend onto the wheat field, exactly upon the odd shapes in the wheat. The team studied what they presumed to be a craft, but only barely discernible as a dark outline against the night sky, and that only detectable by those with advanced vision like Debbie or Booker. Booker, using the x-ray feature of his night vision goggles, saw inside the skin of the ship and observed wondrous technology, on par with his own. Think Tank tried to broadcast a universal message, which should have been received by any thinking being, but received only mental silence in return.

In a blinding flash of light, Booker observed a dark, vaguely humanoid shape descending from the shadowed vessel. No sooner had the shape disappeared from sight, obscured by the grain, than the light cut off and the vessel shot off into the dark.

The team advanced on the broken spot in the grain and discovered a naked man curled on the ground and emitting a vapor from his rapidly cooling skin. Victor examined the man, presumably the missing "Bill" was completely devoid of the normal mites and microbes which infest a human body, especially a man who works with his hands. Clark, seeing his distress, handed him a potion, hoping to cure his wounds.

Booker passed on a poncho and woke the man as the team began questioning the rest of the ranch's employees.

( be continued)
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 4

Odd West – Session Four

We return to the party debating on how to stop the alien menace. Think Tank decided to build a device to track the alien ship. At Think Tank's request Booker retrieved the farm's weather vane, while Solomon drew a sample of blood from the hapless farmhand Bill. Using a spare gun from those they salvaged on a previous mission, the weather vane, and some other odd bits he keeps in Debbie, Think Tank completed the alien detector after six hours of effort. Think Tank employed the device, which only spun rapidly under his telekinetic manipulation. He asked Solomon to give it a try. Solomon, determining the source of the confusion, oriented the device up, and the weather vane oriented on the moon. With this new information, the team decided they needed to return to the bunker to refit and plan.

Back at the bunker, Solomon and Debbie got to researching what they could learn from the base's data banks. Think Tank began designing a spaceship. Debbie pulled up an enormous amount of information about the moon. Works by such as Jules Verne and the movie Iron Sky provided significant range of information about previous moon expeditions and suggestions as to what they might find. Think Tank returned and revealed that he was missing parts for the spacecraft and knew where to find them. He needed raw nanocomposite for the armor (Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg Kansas); laser control boards from Oakridge National Laboratory in Tennessee; Missiles from Orlando, Florida; electronic countermeasure sensors from Pala Alto, California; and fusion engines from Detroit, Michigan. With that information in hand, the team scrounged up some personal data assistants from storage and those not already so armored (Solomon, Booker, and Clark) acquired Reflex Tacsuits. Think Tank constructed a door to replace the missing one.

Late in the second day of travel, Solomon detected something over the crest of a hill. Booker used his scope to get a better view. In the distance, he saw an ill-formed head sticking over the crest of the hill. Booker informed the group of his discovery, and the band prepared for battle. Debbie transformed from her wagon form back to her battle bot form and armored up. Think Tank mind blasted the head while the rest of the group including Booker, Declan, and Solomon stealthed up. Booker crept up to the crest of the hill and saw an orc dressed in traditional native american garb. Booker backed up and the orcs follow. Declan shot one of the orcs as it advanced on Booker.

Booker continued to retreat as the orcs charged. Think Tank mind blasted and took out most of the orcs between the actual blast and the resultant fright from the sudden loss of most of their band. Solomon withdrew from the fray. Declan loosed a flurry of bullets at the orcs hitting one. Booker shot the one decker was shooting in the right leg. Three shot arrows at Declan who dodged while one orc charged Declan. Clark drank a potion.

Debbie aimed at the orcs while Think Tank mind blasted the orcs again and took out four more. Solomon continued his retreat. Declan and Booker continued to shoot orcs.

One of the orcs shot Booker, one orc tried to hit Declan and missed while another charges Declan. Clark fled the fight. Debbie took aim at another orc, her previous target hors de combat. Think Tank continued to mind blast orcs. Solomon continued his flight while Declan shot the one who shot booker.
Booker began a withdraw from the fight. The orcs shot, both hit Declan but his armor absorbed most of the damage. Debbie shot a strobe grenade which landed near Declan. Think Tank mind blasted another orc. Declan continued to shoot orcs.

The remaining orcs continued to fight, exchanging arrow in return for Declan's bullets. Debbie began to move into the fight. Think tanks blasted another orc. Solomon, seeing the shift in the tide of battle turned to return to the scene. Decan reloaded and resumed shooting, hitting one remaining orc.
Booker dropped prone and aimed at the remaining orc. The orc hit Declan for a little more damage. Think Tank mind blasted the last one, drooping him to the loam.

Solomon arrived and applied first aid to Declan. Clark come up and gave a potion to Declan and Booker Clark also poured the contents of a potion on the weapons. Booker shook and moaned in his normal post-combat ritual. Think Tank, collected the un-damaged orc weapons and kept an eye on the orcs. Think Tank mind read the orc leader, waking him up. The orc knelt and growled in response. Debbie moved into position to keep the orcs in view.

The orc woke his contingent and Think Tank sent them away. The party moved on, eventually spying a contingent of riders following the orcs. The horseman advanced on the orcs, riding them down and slaughtering them. Booker surveilled them with his scope, noticing delicate features and swept ears.

The horsemen stopped out of "bow range" while Think Tank tried to communicate. Think Tank established a mental link with the lead rider who identified himself as Caertatan an elohiem lord, on patrol looking for orcs. Think Tank invited them in to camp. The elves made themselves comfortable, offering lembas, a flavorful beard and information. Think Tank told them of his mission and the elf revealed that the dwarves inhabited the university. The party talked long into the night with the elves, learning much about dwarves, elves, orcs and magic.

(To be continued…)
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 5

The scene opens early morning on the grassy plains of southern Kansas and finds Think Tank and Solomon harvesting orc parts for some nefarious use. That task complete the elves escorted the party to the fortress formerly Pittsburg State University. A quarter mile out the party spied a wall of cars flattened and buses surrounding ancient buildings within. Booker again used his scope to survey the wall and discovered a number of broad armed and armored figures on the wall. Clark loaned Solomon his binoculars who confirmed Booker's observations and noticed all the weapons were ornate and seemed over-built.

The party moved up and Caertatan motions to the dwarves who opened the gates in response. After some brief negotiation, the head dwarf shook off a spell from Certatan and pulls out an ornate brass box which turned out to be a translation device. He introduced himself as Ronar, and indicated the party should follow him. The party bid the elves good-by, when solicited, the elf offered that the dwarves could contact him if necessary.

Ronar led the party into an ancient building of a modern, if overbuilt building with the remains of a sign in English in front reading "ss Hall" with new and large brass doors replacing what were once glass doors. The inside turned out to be a spacious chamber, once resplendent with glass and sunlight, now overbuilt to give a close feeling, replacing natural light with faux oil lamps. Ronar led the party to a tavern which was once a coffee shop.

Think Tank observed that all the dwarves were staring at Debbie, Ronar asked of her nature. When Think Tank revealed that Debbie was a construct, all the dwarves swarmed Think Tank and Debbie with charcoal and paper. A flurry of technical discussion ensued as Think Tank explained and the dwarves responded with etchings, drawings and diagrams. The rest of the part left to get medical assistance for Declan.

The dwarf doctor treated Declan who then lays down on the floor of the cramped chamber to sleep. Clark finds map and he and Solomon find the library. Once there, Clark looks for books while Solomon messes with the computers. Solomon, Booker and Clark spend time in the library and and a nearby laboratory studying various topics of interest. During the course of their study, Solomon discovers that the dwarves us a connected script, the algamation of characters providing meaning beyond that of the individual characters. Solomon found a book on the state of the world before the fall and discovered, based on the publication date, that the fall happened sometime after October 2244. He also determined that the dwarves' filing system relied on spine thickness, as opposed to author or subject.

The team hunkered down with books, chemicals, and engineers for five days while Declan recovered from his wounds. Ronar gave the group directions to the cache, the dwarves had tried several unsuccessful attempts to recover the items from the cache. Ronar revealed that the cache was guarded by a horde of unnatural beasts. Solomon got a psychic flash of gunman, dressed similar to Declan, but bearing a pair of massive pistols of ancient design on his hips.

The party descended into the steam tunnels and navigated them to a break in the worked walls to reveal a natural tunnel, emitting an unnatural heat and composed of rock not native to the local area. The tunnel emitted a faint red glow from below. The team continued its journey, descending into the natural cavern, turning left at every fork, as befits true adventurers. Booker used his scanner to look for minerals and discovered a large amount of metal in the surrounding rock and a significant amount of lithium. As the team descended they detected a faint, almost organic humming from further down the tunnel and reddish glow became noticeably brighter.

The team approached a rocky outcropping partially blocking the tunnel's access to a massive chamber, 1000 yards in diameter. In the center stood a massive ziggurat 300' on a side and 300' high. The tiers of the ziggurat laden with stacks of supplies with an odd rippling over the surface. Booker used his telescope to inspect the supplies, many laden with US ARMY and FEMA. Further, the odd rippling appeared to be, demons moving over the ziggurat and supplies. In front of the ziggurat stood a figure with hat and long coat having a heated conversation. Think Tanks read the gunman's mind and detected two sides of a three sided conversation wherein he seemed to be struggling between two other minds thinking into the gunman's mind.

With the party distracted one of the faceless demons crept up from one of the side tunnels behind the group. Solomon detected the advance an cried out a warning. The demon homed in on the noise, as Declan and booker began to open fire on the unnatural creature. Clark froze in panic and Think Tank tried a mind blast which failed, while he telekinetically grappled the demon. Solomon retreated from the demon.

Declan continued to deliver deadly fire, bullets chewing into the flesh of the demon. Booker repositioned to get a better angle on the demon. The horde of demons on the ziggurat stopped their labors, responding to the gunfire. The creature broke free of part of Think Tank's grip, but was still partially restrained. Clark drew potion from his pocket. Think thank pushed the demon away, further into the cavern, toward the ziggurat. Solomon and Booker moved away from the cave entrance, retreating into the tunnel.

Back at the ziggurat a massive form pushed itself up from the top of the structure, squeezing its massive shoulders out of the apex. The party moved en masse back up the tunnel to the safety of the university. Think Tank primed a satchel charge to cover their escape. The last vision the party had of the cavern was a horde of demons swarming around the gunman who slowly advanced on the tunnel and fleeing party.

The party burst through the door of the steam tunnels into the entrance to the academic hall. Simon screamed for help and the dwarves killed the demon in a hail of gunfire and falling axes. The dwarves congratulated the party on their safe return. Think Tank asked for assistance going back, Ronar responded that he could offer, no more than 100 dwarves on a salvage operation. The party was taken aback that 100 dwarves would not be sufficient on their own to solve the problem.

Think Tank took the opportunity to use his mental link with the gunman to determine the state of affairs back at the ziggurat. He detected the gunman yelling "you back in the temple" to the massive form who had just emerged from the building.

(To be continued)
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Default Re: Odd New West - A (not Fallout) Post Apocalypse Adventure

Session 6

Back in the dwarven tavern in the once student union building, the team contemplated their assault on the ziggurat, Booker went back to the lab. During the brainstorming session the dwarves sent a message to the elves, requesting aid in exchange for a share of the spoils. Think Tank dreamed up some soul rending artillery shells, meant to banish the demons to a lower plane of the abyss. Clark conceived some foam grenades to block corridors, channeling the demons to the team’s preferred engagement area. When the elves arrived with 25 archers, Solomon tasked them to scout the network of tunnels and block off all but the main one. The team broke up to perform their tasks, Think Tank and Clark constructing their devices, the elves scouting and the dwarves training.

The team, 100 dwarves, and 25 elves descended into the tunnels. As they wend their way through the volcanic rock passages, the heat increasing with every step, they blocked off branching corridors with foam grenades who’s substance hardened to rock once expanded. At then entrance to the cavern containing the ziggurat the team set-up, the dwarves in four ranks, the elves a single rank behind them and the team on the flanks.

The attack began with the elves launching a series of volleys at the demons, the dwarves stood solid, ready to receive a charge. Declan, Debbie and Booker used their rifles, Think Tank lobbed artillery shells into the demons, Solomon directed the combat, while Clark provided first aid. The demons organized themselves and attacked the dwarven line, suffering horrendous casualties. Two hundred demons fell to the combined might of the team and their allies, while 10 dwarves and 2 elves went down before the demons’ rending claws.

The combat continued as Solomon orders a fighting retreat, reducing the front presented to the demons, mitigating their superior numbers. Declan, Debbie and Booker continued shooting, Declan switching to his pistol, Clark continued to provide support while Solomon directed the forces. Think Tank took the opportunity to try to read the enemy commander’s mind. For anyone else the attempt would be a fatal descent into sadistic madness. For Think Tank, it was a pleasant trip into a slightly less twisted mind. The results of Solomon’s strategy were more horrendous losses in the demonic forces, this phase of the battle saw them suffer another 200 casualties to the dwarves four and none of the elves.

Solomon had his force hunker down and defend the limited terrain, taking further advantage of the demon’s frustration at not being able to surround the team’s assault force. Declan, Debbie and Booker continued shooting, Clark continued supporting the force, Think Tank switched to telekinesis and Solomon continued directing the battle. Debbie suffered some minor damage in the hand to hand combat. One hundred fifty demons and four more dwarves fell.

With the vast reduction in the size of the demonic force Solomon decided to risk a headlong attack into the face of the demons. The results were catastrophic on both sides. Three hundred ninety-six demons were destroyed at the cost of twenty four dwarves and seven elves. Solomon decided that the suicidal demons would fall if he managed them correctly and withdrew back down the corridor, leaving only ten demons left to clean up. The net result of the battle was only two dead dwarves and a mass of elven and dwarven casualty, the demonic leader melted by Debbie’s cannon.
*With the demons dispatched back to whatever hell spawned them Solomon, Declan and Booker advanced on the ziggurat to deal with the strange gunman at its base. As the trio drew up, the gunman turned and looked them up and down. Once he completed his inspection, he asked Declan "Are you the one"? "What one?" replied Declan. "The one who kills me." responded the gunman. "If I have to" finished Declan.

Declan nodded and the other two withdrew to either side. For tense moments, the gunman and Declan stared each other down. Just as the tension reached its Apex, both drew, Declan one pistol, the gunman his two unnatural cannons. The gunman's weapons flew into his hands, belching unholy flame from each barrel, rounds careening into Declan's armor. Two rounds erupted from Declan's pistol hitting the gunman in the each hand.
The gunman uttered "That did not go the way I expected, will you kill me now?" Upon Declan's declination, the gunman shrugged and ascended the ziggurat. At that moment, a demon emerged from the surface of the temple, only to be summarily dispatched by a pack of dwarves. Declan retrieved one of the dropped, unnatural, handguns, Solomon the other. Upon touching the weapons, each retrieved a message in their mind from their respective guns.

The dwarves packed up the materials from the ziggurat and the army returned to the dwarven stronghold. On the way back, and a little once returned, Solomon got most of the story of the fall, from the gun's perspective. Declan's gun on the other-hand had an odd conversation with Think Tank with Declan as a vector about ruling the world.

(to be continued...)
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