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Default Help with Munchkin + Expansions

I'm really new to munchkin. Just played a few times my friend's Munchkin Cthulhu and decided to buy mine.

So... instead of just buying Munchkin, I ended up buying Munchkin, Munchkin 2 AND Munchkin 3. Now I have questions about mixing them.

1) How many expansions mixed?

I've read many topics around saying that it's more usual to mix just two Munchkins (base + other one). So... Now, having 3 "sets", what do I do? If I buy the other ones in the future, what to do?

1.2) Is the game designed to work with all the expansions on the same game or is it designed to have just base and one expansion?


I really don't know what to do regarding this expansions. The game is so awesome that I want to have it all, but I'm kinda scared that I'll buy it and end up not using them because the game works better with just one or two of them.

Please, need help on this. Thanks.
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Default Re: Help with Munchkin + Expansions

If your group of players is small, I would not recommend to mix more than 3 sets, better just 2. If you are more than 4 players, you can mix more sets. But in fact it's up to you and try for yourself. I find, too many sets can strech gameplay into boringness too easily.

I'm not sure if I got your 2nd question right. The base set "Munchkin" includes the core cards for gameplay such as races and classes. The expansions have only few cards of these. So if you mix two expansions, you're likely to miss out most of the fun of classes, races and items of limited usage. But of course you can take these cards from the base set and mix them into one or two expansions.
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Default Re: Help with Munchkin + Expansions

Welcome to the wacky world of Munchkin!

From what you've described, you have one set (also known as a core game) and two expansions. What it sounds like you're asking about is blending, which is when you play with more than one core game (each from different genres, like Munchkin, Munchkin Cthulhu, or Munchkin Zombies), plus any expansions you want to add in to the mix as well. Since you don't seem to have gotten anything from a different genre, you're not doing that.

With respect to expansions: You can add as many expansions and boosters as you want, or feel you need, to increase the variety of your games. When it comes to the original Munchkin game, you can easily add the first two expansions (Munchkin 2 and Munchkin 3), without introducing any new rules. Munchkin 4 and some other later expansions to Munchkin (Munchkin 5 and Munchkin 8) adds Steeds and Hirelings as a new types of cards that have specific rules associated with them.

I always suggest starting off with a single core game, then adding expansions as you gain familiarity and comfort. However, if you want to jump in and throw in all 7 expansions to Munchkin immediately, we here can't stop you.

Blending genres is an advanced topic which we don't discuss in any detail here in the 101 forum, so when you're ready to brave that, we can help you in the main Munchkin forum.
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