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Old 12-07-2016, 03:14 PM   #1
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Default [Magic] Magical aptitude limitation

I am planning out (that is to say I have been using for quite some time and am only just getting around to an official pricing) a limitation on magic "can not use X spells" where X represents the spell type regular, area, missile and so forth.

While the frequency of regular spells makes them worth more than the rest In was thinking that a 5% reduction (rounding up in cases of Magery 1) was about right for most spell types.

Or is it just a special effect?

What do people think?
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Default Re: [Magic] Magical aptitude limitation

I've been known to treat "Cannot Cast X College Spells" as an Incompetence Quirk; this may be useful for RPM or some Powers-based systems like Sorcery, Chinese Elemental Powers, or Psionic Powers.

I could also see it as a limitation on any underlying advantage that grants casting, not exceeding -20% and probably closer to -10% (but I prefer the Incompetence Quirk method).
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Default Re: [Magic] Magical aptitude limitation

That is a very difficult limitation to price fairly. If you are using the standard prerequisite tree, some spells you cannot avoid taking, but some spells you can easily avoid taking with no real loss.

My gut estimate will be giving -40% if you cannot cast Regular spells, -10% for Area, and -5% for blocking, melee, or missile.
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