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Finding Neo
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Default One Arm Lifting ST

If you have a limb with lifting ST the cost is 3pt per ST level over basic body ST.

However, the ability to lift with one arm is Restricted to 2xBL(of the lifting limb)

The single limb lifting ST seams a bit of a restriction?
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Default Re: One Arm Lifting ST

Lifting ST is 3 points per level for the whole body and influences grappling and a few other things than BL. Arm ST for one arm is also 3 points per level, but it is effectively Lifting ST and Striking ST for one arm. A ST 10 character with Arm ST (Right Arm) 10 [30] could lift and strike with their right arm with an effective ST of 20.
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Default Re: One Arm Lifting ST

And of note- arm ST is important for certain weapon use scenarios that may become very important (like, can you use that two handed claymore as a one handed weapon, or can you use that machine gun without the tripod firing from the hip)
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