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Default Re: Pyramid article for GURPS Traveller Cold Night on Dashgad

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
I suspect you misunderstood. Some articles are currently available, for example: Furthermore people who had subscriptions when Pyramid 2 ended retain access to the archives, I believe (I don't know, I guess I had let mine lapse, and missed the boat). However, Pyramid 2 as a whole isn't currently available to most people.
There is no currently-accessible official Pyramid-2 archive.

Those of us who were subscribers when Pyramid-2 ended were given the opportunity to download everything; that's what I was working from.

I have also never subscribed to JTAS.
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Default Re: Pyramid article for GURPS Traveller Cold Night on Dashgad

Yeah, I was unclear, I meant that people who had subscriptions at the end could have downloaded the archives (and presumably most did), not that they have online access now.
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