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Default Quick Question: Sorcery as Psi, Chi, etc? Limited Scope?

Hey, all. Quick question.

Sorcerous Empowerment is pretty flexible, able to simulate anything that could be a spell. Well, what if you want to use Sorcerous Empowerment alongside Psionic Empowerment or Chi Empowerment? Psionic powers are a little bit more limited. Would you make that Limited Scope, Psi, -10% and call it a day? What about Chinese Elemental Powers? Between internal and external powers, Chinese Elemental Powers are still rather limited in what they can do. Is that still -10% or maybe -20%?

Now, if I were just using Psionic Empowerment or whatever, I'd leave the cost as is and call it a setting feature, but these very flexible Sorcerers exist alongside slightly more limited Psis, etc. So, I figure they should get a little bit of a discount.

Another thing that I have considered it making Sorcerous Empowerment's base Modular Abilities 5 base + 5/point into 5 base + 4/point for Psi and Chi.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much.
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Default Re: Quick Question: Sorcery as Psi, Chi, etc? Limited Scope?

What I'd do is base it off the limited colleges limitation. Write up the Psi and Chi "colleges" (which can have overlap with regular Sorcery Colleges) and see they they're about the same size as the others. Then see how many colleges that amounts to and apply the appropriate limitation.

Psi, for example, might be functionally equivalent to Communication and Empathy, Knowledge, and Mind Control, for -20%.
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chi, chinese elemental powers, limited scope, psionic powers, sorcerous empowerment

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