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Default Help Files Recovery

Well, sort of.

The Character Creation, User Guide Contents and Application Help files and features are all inaccessible. As near as I have been able to find out, the problem is that these files were all created using the WinHelp32.exe file in Windows. That app file stopped being a part of Windows sometime around Windows Vista but update files that restored that as a function were available, at least though Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2008. I've downloaded the 8.1 update but get the message that the update doesn't apply to my computer (which is running Windows 10). Does anyone know if there's a fix that will let me access those features again, or if there's a version of the former GCB Help Files in a currently supported format? The Windows site did recommend that developers switch over .hlp format files to a still-supported format. There were three or four possible formats, but I specifically recall .html as one of them.
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Default Re: Help Files Recovery

I found this. It may have the answers you seek. Good luck.

I am glad I don't need to deal with this. I use GCA.
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