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Default Brand new player to Munchkin universe. Playing Marvel

First. Thanks for the game. I am new to playing Munchkin and wanted a game to play with my teenage daughters. Marvel was the answer. It turned my normally "nice" daughter in to a backstabbing munchkin. I digress. I have a few questions. Apologies if these have been asked before.

1. I know your hand limit is 5, but how many cards are you allowed to have in front of you? I know the limit of armor, powers, affiliation and allies, but what about other items like one shots, or cards you cannot use? Do you have to keep those in your hand?
2. When you help some one, do you use your level and modifiers you have in front of you to start, and then add cars from your hand if needed (or want to)?
3. Unless a monster card says, you cannot add it to an opponents combat unless you have the wandering monster card, correct?
4. Iron man says something like add +2 to other armor. Is that +2 to each piece of armor or just a +2 total?

I am sure there will be other questions. looking forward to playing some more.
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Default Re: Brand new player to Munchkin universe. Playing Marvel

Greetings! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. We prefer one question per thread, so please try to remember that in the future. It makes it easier for others (including us Moderators) to find previous rulings and such. It also prevents disjointed threads as it limits the number of tangents follow-ups on individual questions can create.

Let me start by clearing up the issue with Items in play: You can carry (i.e. have in play) any number of small Items (those not marked Big). You can only use one Headgear, one Footgear, one Armor, and two 1-Hand Items, or one 2-Hands Items. For example, you can carry (have in play) three Armor Items, but only use (get the bonus) from one of those three. Because you can carry any number of small Items, that means that you can also have any number of Items that don't go in a "slot" in play. If you can't use an Item, for any reason, you can still have it in play, you just have to turn it sideways so it's easy for people to see it isn't giving you a bonus or special ability.

When you help another player in combat, you add your combat strength to the other player's combat strength. Your combat strength is determined by your Level and active bonuses. You only have to play one-shots if you want to do so. In fact, even if you agree to help, you're not obligated to do anything further to help win the combat.

Monsters can only be added to the combat if played with a Wandering Monster card, the Monster has text which allows it and the conditions to do so are met, or there is a rule which allows it. As an example of that last one, some versions of Munchkin have Undead Monsters; Undead Monsters can always be added to a combat containing at least one Undead Monster.

Iron Man adds +2 to Armor you are wearing. That means that each Armor you are using legally would get +2 added to it.
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Default Re: Brand new player to Munchkin universe. Playing Marvel

Thank you so much!
I will keep it to 1 question per thread in the future.
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