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Default Re: Rapid Fire bonus and Rcl

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post

As I've mentioned a couple of times upthread, yes, I have some doubts about the accuracy and significance of that historical thesis, though it's widely promulgated in my experience.
Out of interest what are your doubts regarding it? Your posts earlier seems to arguing that because FA from 5.56 still has similar issues therefore those issues when in expressed in 7.62 couldn't have been bad enough to support that thesis*?

FWIW I've seen the same thesis repeated in lots of different places including army reports** at the the time and subsequent to that crossover period. The thread I linked to earlier had some of then cited.

The other big factor is weight and bulk of the 7.62 over the 5.56

(I've also heard or read other more esoteric ones stuff like the 5.56's flatter trajectory IIRC etc)

*sorry paraphrasing, I replied to the actual post in more detail

**not that I'm saying that makes it 100% proven and true!

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