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Default Re: [Magic] Enchantment Through Balance

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post

My mind actually went down a post-apocolyptic route where the great mages of old fought great wars and now we, the survivors, have to deal with the fallout. No, fallout refers to radiation. These are 6 legged lizards with no eyes billowing clouds of thick persistent toxic smoke, among other things.
How about manafall for the toxic magical equivalent?
Magic landfills made without proper HazMat protocols leads to that unique monster mutated by foul energies.
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Prince Charon
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Default Re: [Magic] Enchantment Through Balance

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I'd suggest the best mechanic is that negative magic must not only be created, but also used.

This explains why such items are always cursed in such a way as to make the curse as permanent and long lasting as possible.

I would not work exact opposites though... it limits your curses too much.
My thought was that cursed items (and possibly uncursed ones) have a tendency to mess with probability in such a way that they will be found and used, but that opposing items are not necessarily cursed, and sometimes, the item you think is the good one has a hidden surprise or two (e.g. the fire and ice blades - one of them is probably cursed, but if so, which one?).
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