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Default Ultra-Tech on Roll20


My game group has a spot open in our roll20 GURPS Ultra-Tech Game. I've enclosed the details at the following links. The game runs on Mondays 6:30pm - 12:00 EDT (East Coast Time).

I have enclosed details here on the roll20 forum.

You can reach me by sending a message to me here or over roll20.

Game Description:

This an Ultra-Tech Game that focuses on emphasis on player choice and character goals. The Crew of the Crimson Wolf are currently pursuing trade agreement with elven world as an effort to finance there privateer business. In a sandbox game the players are expected to pursue plots actively rather than wait for the plots to come to them.

This game combines several different elements in a Space Opra style. Since it is a home-brew game that has been played for many years it can be described as the love child of 40k, Outlawstar, with the Farscape as the adopted sibling all living in Neighborhood that supported the Brown Coats Rebellion in Fire Fly. With so many elements the feeling and joy of space opera is the experience you will get when joining this game.

The game pace pays great deal to attention of details of the ship and all the challenges of hosting it. There are highly climactic adventures, and very detail relationships with NPC Crew and the characters. This game is on going since 2013 and continues too evolving based on the players desires and willingness to achieve.

Game Details:

Game Time: Mondays - 5:30PM (-4) ~ 6:30 PM (-5) EDT ~ 11:00 PM (+0) GMT
Rule Sets:GURPS Ultra Tech, GURPS Basic & Campaign , GURPS Magic, GURPS Bio Tech, GURPS Horror, GURPS Space, GURPS Traveller
Required Tools: GURPS GCS, Google Docs.
Character Creation Rules: 100 Points Character, Home brew Races Templates, Class Templates, 50 Points of Disadvantages Total. Players may request to substitute disadvantages / advantages that will help make the character concept fit.
Experience Gain: Character points are awarded to players whom complete Quests / Goals that they have set for them selves. 1 CP is award to those who interact in at least three encounters. Characters can also improve through study and gain new skills by logging time spent working on them in between time jumps.

Story Line Description:

In the wake of the expedition to Elen’rae the elves among the crew of the Crimson Wolf have decided it is time to return home. The ship has plotted it's course too return to The Asyuran Banner. A region of space that is known for remains of the great Star Elf Empire millenniums ago. Reluctant in some ways Earandor seeks to test his favoare with his Matron in effort to gain the strange alien vessel they discovered and crewed a safe port.

Although danger loom in the darkness. As an ancient enemy has there sights set upon the lonely elf world known as Neyaancalacen. This untimely homecoming will place them in the middle of a desperate effort to survive again the most deadliest of foes, The Mora. The Adventurers will have to over come a great many challenges among them selves, in the face of the most sinister foe of them all, and come to terms with the difference of terrens and eldar for the sake of living to see the future, in this exciting 4th installment of Stellar Winds
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