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Default Re: New Advantage: Master of Targeted Attacks [30]

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
It's rarely worthwhile to have more than 2 Techniques. 3 Techniques is going to have a price comparable to getting a +1 to skill (many Techniques are Hard; +3 to three such would thus cost [12], the same as +3 to skill), and 4 Techniques always costs at least as much as a +1 to skill. It's even worse for combat skills, where almost all Techniques are Hard, and where actually buying up skill also improves your Parry. Heck, when you factor in Parry, even 2 Average Techniques aren't worth it - +2 to each and +1 to Parry costs a total of [9] ([4] for Techniques, [5] for Enhanced Parry), while just grabbing +2 to skill and getting the +1 to Parry for free costs only [8].

This assumes you have high enough skill for further boosts to cost [4] per +1; if you aren't there yet, you're pretty much always better off improving skill over picking up even a single Technique. The only exception to the above is when you have Techniques that can actually be applied together - Dual Weapon Attack can be worth it even if you already have 2 other Techniques, as can Counterattack, as those can be combined with things like Targeted Attack (although note you still need to be in the [4]/+1 range before even these become economical).

For characters who should have a wide variety of Techniques, I feel my Tech! option is fairly well balanced.
Cool, cheers for the write up.

For me when I was initially leaning the system it was matter of constantly reminding myself that if you know the skill you do know all the related techniques (you just have penalty at them unless you specifically spent the points). Too many systems out there would not allow you do such things unless you specifically learned how to in the system.

Once I cemented this in my head, techniques basically just became a way of allowing people to do cool stuff in combat.
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