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Old 02-15-2016, 02:20 PM   #1
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Default Friendly

I need some help understanding what the text in this card from Munchkin 2 says..
What happens if you decide to fight the monsters?Their levels are increased based on my die roll?Why would I want to do that?What about treasures and levels if I win?I am confused...
Thank you in advance!
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Default Re: Friendly

Maybe it's a combat for the win and someone else played the card on you. Or, even if not for the win, if you have enough levels, you can choose to try and beat a Friendly monster whatsoever.

So, if an oponent chooses to fight a Friendly monster, he could, but the monster has an extra bonus, that you roll to see how much it is.
Igor Toscano
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Default Re: Friendly

The card says nothing about Treasure or Levels, so those rewards are unchanged if you fight the Monsters and win. As for why? Why would you play that card and then fight? You probably wouldn't, but as Igor said, anyone could have played that card, and the stakes might be worth it to fight. . .
Erik D. Zane
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