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Default Re: Magic and cosmetics

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Start with Sunbolt (GURPS Magic, p. 114). Change the damage type from tight-beam burning (like a laser) to burning without any incendiary effect (it "freezer burns" tissue but won't set fires). To compensate for the loss of the ability to set fires (which most burning attacks can), cause blindness, and target the eyes and vitals for extra injury (as tight-beam burning can), raise damage to 1d per energy point and remove the 50% bonus to enemy DB for polished shields. Ignore all the talk about mirrors; that just about never matters. Change the prerequisites to "At least six other Light and Darkness spells, including Shape Darkness." Call the resulting spell Darkbolt.
Ok, so like this?
Darkbolt (Missile)
Shoot a bolt of concentrated darkness from one fingertip.
It has 1/2D 75, Max 150, Acc 2; use the Innate Attack skill.
The bolt does burning damage but does not start fires, it freezer burns instead.
Darkbolt is not affected by Missile Shield or Reverse Missiles.
Force Dome and Deflect Energy do offer protection.
Areas of magical Darkness or Blackout resist Darkbolt.

Cost: Any amount up to your
Magery level per second, for three seconds.
The bolt does 1d burning
damage per energy point.
Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: At least six other
Light and Darkness spells, including
Shape Darkness.
Thanks for the help, I really appreciate the support there is on this forum.

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Default Re: Magic and cosmetics

That interpretation looks about right. It's essentially just a reskinned Sunbolt. In general, Missile spells are fairly generic, and interchangeable but for a few special effects. It's hard to make them overpowered as long as they involve time to charge up, a roll to hit, and an enemy defense, and provided that damage is 1d per energy point and has no armor divisor (if it's impaling or can ignore armor, make it 1d-1 per die).
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