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Default Re: Changing techniques to just 1pt leveled perks

Originally Posted by Unwashed Mass View Post
Just a crazy thought and probably completely unbalanced:

What about getting extra pseudo points to spend on techniques equal to the points already spent on the skill?

Spend 16 points in Karate? Spend 16 points in techniques.
When thinking about it yesterday i had a similar idea, but a bit less generous. I had thought 1 Technique either for every 4 points spent or for every +1 over the Skill's Attribute. 1 Technique per point seems a bit too generous to me, and will quickly flood over a character sheet if any character spends a lot in skills.
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Default Re: Changing techniques to just 1pt leveled perks

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
If the actual intended thrust of this thread is that Hard Techniques being removed as a concept and all of them made into Average Techniques instead, that sounds fairly reasonable. Techniques already live in a really confined pricing space where that one point may do a lot to let you do interesting things with them while in the larger scheme of things still being just one point.

Merging Average Techniques with Leveled Perks seems like a bad idea. Techniques are a good formulation for what they do, simultaneously indicating a move everyone can do and a character-building option in one easy-to-reference, common-layout rules chunk.
Perks are one of my favourite 4E additions, and I see them as different to techniques, for reasons covered aplenty in this thread.

And removing Hard techniques seems like a good move - the pricing scheme is a bit weird and cludgy, and could do with a tidy-up.

So... I wonder if it's reasonable to mix the two? Use just one pricing scheme (Ave) but add a Perk prerequisite for [some/many/all] 'Hard' techniques. This can be a single Perk for many techniques... for example, some kicking techniques could all require the (totally made up) 'Limber Legs' Perk - which might provide additional benefits, depending on the campaign style.

Similar Perks could improve bonuses for 'Easy' techniques, boosting bonuses or adding benefits for the techniques that seem overpriced at 1pt/+1.
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