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Default The Money Laundry A Heavenly location

Once you have defeated the demons or other forces of Hell, what do you do with the stuff that is lying around? Inherently nasty stuff you destroy, useful artifacts, etc. you keep or pass along for use in the War.

But what about money, or other things of value but not of practical use? What do you do with them?

Some angels just take it and figure they'll use it to aid the War, because that's what they do. But others feel uncomfortable or worse about this, because it can bring your motives into question. What then?

If there is an obvious way to give it back to the victims, you do that, of course. But there may not be, or there might be problems and complications with just showing up and saying “Sorry your family is dead, but I killed the guys who did it, and I thought you should have this suitcase full of their money.”

Plus problem with mundane tax investigators, county clerks getting picky about deeds, cops following the money, and endless other pettifogging human nonsense. Angels have enough trouble figuring out human money and economics on the small scale, this is much worse.

Where there is money and problems moving it, there is an opportunity for Marc.

The Money Laundry

From the outside it looks like another one of the banks and brokerages in Commerce Park. Inside are servitors of Marc and bodhisattvas who are experts on corporeal economic affairs. If you have dirty money, blood diamonds, stolen art, or anything else valuable that you don't want, they can help. They will evaluate it and advise you on how to ethically sell it or return it to the rightful owner. Without causing legal complications or other problems.

They can set up ways to channel the money to the victims quietly. Forgotten insurance policies, inheritances from long lost relatives, winning lottery tickets, treasure troves, tax refunds, class action lawsuit settlements, there are lots of different tricks.

When the victims are too diffuse, unknown, or beyond help, they can help you direct it to worthy charities, either ones specific to the sins the profits came from, or general good causes.

Or if even trying to understand all this human nonsense makes your head(s) hurt, you can just give it to them and tell them where and how you got it and they will do the rest.
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Default Re: The Money Laundry A Heavenly location

Nice. Would make a good Windy campaign too. PCs are the ones who hack a crime boss's database to find out info about the victims. And the ones who break into someone's house in the middle of the night to place the trove/insurance papers/art.

You could call them... the Kringles
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Default Re: The Money Laundry A Heavenly location

Oh, very good. Marc at his finest.

This organisation would also be useful for generating secondary plots; they let PCs know the identity of individuals in their stomping grounds who are entitled to laundered wealth, and ask if the PCs can help. A low stress plot, with it emphasised that it is only if convenient, the Laundry will handle anything tricky. Nice for new players.
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