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Default Soul Magic and Powerstones

I was wondering how someone would model soul stealing spells and creating soul gems (that function basically the same way as Mana-stones). I don't see any spells, besides maybe soul jar, that represent ripping the soul of of a being and converting its energy into a Mana-stone.

I was also wondering how damage to someone's soul would be modeled. Maybe direct damage to their Will rather than HP or FP with 0 Will resulting in instant dead with no chance of resurrection?

And finally, could such a soul stone function like a dedicated mana-stone that only recharges based on soul damage that is dealt?

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Default Re: Soul Magic and Powerstones

I was brewing TES::Morrowind game. The big part of the game is enchanting items by the means of trapped souls/soulgems.
I got the idea that enchanting will mean buying advantages with appropriate gadget limitations, (not hard to reach -80%) - and filled soulgems will help by having CP values.

I have not quite worked out the cost but first eyeballing seems to be somithing like 1-3 CP for common critters and about 20-40(will amount to 100-200 CP with -80% reduction) for the most difficult and rare ones.

When advantages are hard to work out I thought some enchantments from Magic etc. books can be used. The appropriate CP to energy point seems to be about 100 for Morrowind game (in GURPS books its 25, but the powerful effect you can get for advantages with gadget limitations seems to dwarf +3 to hit etc.).

If you'd go for soulgems as powerstones that are directly tappable for casting then I guess - just taking my CP=EP should be fine? You can get 1 Ep stone by killing a prized cow, 3 for a trained warhorse of pure bloodline, bigger values need darks soulgems from sentient beings or regular ones for rare and powerful beasts, the upper end 20-40 EP will mean draining old dragons and demon lords etc.
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jason taylor
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Default Re: Soul Magic and Powerstones

Have the characters Will grow less and less until theoretically he has Slave Mentality at the end if the stone is not properly destroyed/appeased/whatevered.
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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: Soul Magic and Powerstones

I know it's a bit of a thread-necro - but I answered this post on my blog.
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