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Default [Magic] Secret Clerical Magic System

I'm the DM for a low fantasy game set in TL2/TL3, and I'm in need of a new magic system. Currently, we are using Ritual path magic (without allowing adepts) for the every-man style of magic, and Sorcery for the empowered individuals who can control magic on a basic level. Each level of sorcery is also grants a level of ritual path magic magery one level behind your own. So sorcerous empowerment 1 gives magery (RPM) 0. This is done for backstory reasons, and is still being play tested.

All of this is working fairly well, but I'm now in need of a third unique magic system to be used by the religious figures of the world. Only a small subset of people who worship gods actually follow a real god, most "gods" are just creations of an established church, which trains wizards like normal (although they tend to specialize). Real clerics have not come up before, but will in a few sessions, and I need a magic system for them to use.

Ideally the system will be slow and subtle, lending itself to creating better-than-human clerics without the flashy turning, healing, or blasts of light. If I hadn't already picked Ritual Path Magic for one system, it would be an easy choice, but I really would like to use a completely different system to preserve the uniqueness of their actually (vs. redressed wizardly) holy magic.
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: [Magic] Secret Clerical Magic System

Powers: Divine Favor?

Threshold-limited + Low/No Signature on Power Investiture?
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Default Re: [Magic] Secret Clerical Magic System

Well, an obvious thing to look at first is GURPS Power: Divine Favour, available from your local Warehouse 23. It's a Powers framework for getting your god to do things, so it has the flexibility of any Powers-based system. Even if it doesn't suit you, it's good as a list of the factors that a divine magic system has to consider.
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