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Default What kind of Items can be given to a Munchkin 4 Hireling?

Hey guys, I'm new to the game, got the original game and xpac 4, need for steed, it has steeds and hirelings. Got a question about hirelings, searched through posts, can't find this question. The original hireling can carry any one item for you, so he can have one bonus item. The hirelings from xpac 4 are little different. For instance, if I have a warrior hireling, that card text says he can equip for himself any item that is specific to a warrior. If you read the rules that came with xpac 4, it says that all hirelings are to be treated the same. So my question is, if I have the warrior hireling (or any other race or class specific hireling) do I treat that hireling like the original hireling, in that he can carry any extra item for me, as well as him being able to equip an extra item for himself, as long as that item is specific to the hirelings race/class? It seems to me the new hirelings are an upgrade to the original, which allows them to carry one item for you and then equip an item for themselves too. Anyone have any clarification on this question?
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Default Re: What kind of Items can be given to a Munchkin 4 Hireling?

Not quite. It says that they are all to be treated as the same (class of card) under the following rules, which includes saying that what's written on each Hireling card takes precedence. In no way is that meant to say that the Hireling card in Munchkin (and also Munchkin 3) defines what all Hireling cards can do. What it is intended to say is that in a blended game, all the same rules apply (even if the core set doesn't offer them), for cards of those types. That would include things like being able to sacrifice a Hireling-like card

That means that a Warrior Hireling can use and carry an Item a Warrior can use, not any Item like the Hireling card in Munchkin (and also Munchkin 3). What that means with respect to the Warrior card is it can carry and use any Item which doesn't have any restrictions, any Item that says it can only be used by a Warrior, but not an Item that can only be used by some other Class or Race, and definitely not an Item that says it can't be used by a Warrior.

They also only carry and use one Item, and one Item only. By saying that the Hireling carries the Item means that if the Item is Big, and you are already carrying (i.e., have in play) a Big Item, that's okay, that you're allowed to have a second Big Item in play being carried (and used) by the Hireling.
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Default Re: What kind of Items can be given to a Munchkin 4 Hireling?

The easy way to determine what Items a Warrior Hireling (for example) can use is to ask yourself, "If I were a Warrior [and knew nothing else about myself], could I use this Item?" If the answer is yes, then your Warrior Hireling can use it.
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