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Default Baycon report

It is said a prophet is not welcome in his home town, because people who saw him grow up have trouble believing. Although my Bay Area recruit failed to follow up on Baycon, to take the journey off my shoulders, one of their own tried. Sadly, communication got very screwed up. The con wanted demos, the game department head did not want additional staff or someone who was over enthusiastic because that felt threatening. It is worked out now, but I went 500+ miles to do this. I'd rather not. Originally just some non threatening Castellan and Munchkin was scheduled. I brought the current supported games, along with a few from my library Rey asked me to bring. The con has an interactive online schedule me a newsletter, so once there, we added in demos of Mars Attacks and Knightmare chess. All demos went well, though the chess game blew to smithereens early thanks to cards. Mars Attacks went great. I did have to have the Wheaton's Law talk with an elderly man who pulled an experienced play on newbies when I was at one of the other two games going. All five other people, new players, got up and left. I saw them and apologized for not being able to be everywhere, and gave them bookmarks and cards. Castellen demoed great for both two and four players. This fan con has a lot of gamers and the Star Trek Bridge simulator game Artemis was packed all weekend. So, this con doesn't have a future date or place 5 competing cons are currently on their dates nearby. They have no location for next year.
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