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Default Dumb Question on Spell Throwing

I do apologize before hand. When you use... lets say the Fire Ball Spell/or Stone missile in Magic, does it Launch from your hand with innate attack, or is it thrown like a ball? The reason I ask is that I am designing a spell that I want to have a ROF of 3. If spells are thrown as a baseball, I cant see being able to throw three balls in a second, but if spells simply launch like mini rockets, then I guess its possible. right? I can see lightning bolt streaking out of you hand, and sunbolt, its the others that I speaking on. And yes I know I could be over thinking this.

thx! again, sorry I know its a dumb question.

The spell I am making is like a mini plasma bolts that have a 1d6-1 dam, and ROF3. They can strike one target or up to three. With this I guess ill use the ranged weapon rapid fire rules maybe. this should work right?
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Default Re: Dumb Question on Spell Throwing

Per RAW, Missile spells use Innate Attack. (B240, Magic p12)

Even if you like the throwing motion, you could always say it's one throw that splits into three pieces when it leaves your hand.
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