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Old 02-26-2006, 11:05 AM   #21
Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Movies and In Nomine...

Originally Posted by chris the cynic
In Heaven rules stop you from being free,
This depends a lot on how one portrays Heaven. In my campaigns (usually low-contrast, bright, and with a high amount of Cute in the form of relievers (I swear it's not my fault but if I bring out relievers being cute the players just go awww and die of cute on me so I have to do it more)), Heaven for humans is pretty much a place of "if it harm none, do whatever the heck you want." Admittedly, there are certain values of "harm" that may not be obvious to some humans, and which will land a Judgment counselor on someone faster than an Ofanite can sneeze. But default Heaven lets in all kinds of people -- and unless the GM rules that all destinies somehow tie in with being a Rule-Following person...

Now, if you're an angel, you're going to be following some rules, and likely getting orders now and then. (Janus' orders sometimes boil down to: "Go to this place. Stir things up. Don't get caught.")
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Old 02-27-2006, 03:09 PM   #22
chris the cynic
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Default Re: Movies and In Nomine...

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth
(Janus' orders sometimes boil down to: "Go to this place. Stir things up. Don't get caught.")
Ah yes, the eleventh commandment.
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Pike's Pique
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Default Re: Movies and In Nomine...

Referencing a different movie here...How would the Wim Wenders movie "Wings Of Desire" fit in with the In Nomine universe. I really enjoyed that movie in the early 90s I just found out there was a german sequel made.

Keep in mind, again. not as well-read on 'In Nomine" as I might like to be.

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Old 02-28-2006, 06:18 AM   #24
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Default Re: Movies and In Nomine...

Well, to get back on Thread-Topic:

I don't know the English title of the movie, but the German is "Needful Things - In einer kleinen Stadt". It's a movie based on a story by Stephen King. The Devil comes to town, opens up a shop, sells goods - and demands malicious deeds done to others by the customers as payment. I think Max von Sydow plays the Devil (quite well).
Bringing it to "In Nomine": It's either a high-ranking servitor of Malphas or the Demon Prince of Factions himself who's come to town...
And did we already have "The Devil's Advocate"?

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pop culture

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