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Default Online game

My In Nomine online game is looking for players. All types of characters are needed. This game was originally started and run by the wondrous Pyrephox, however school has sucked up her free time.

Southern Cross is a journal-based In Nomine game set in Columbia, South Carolina. PCs playing angels, demons, or humans will take character journals and interact with each other through game servers that are, for IC purposes, assumed to be unhackable and untraceable. Optional RP may take place elsewhere. This is a canon game: no Superiors who are not in the official books will be used, no Superiors will Fall or Redeem in the course of the campaign (although PCs and other NPCs may do so) or be killed. (Expanded write-ups for superiors on the net will be considered, if that has not been done by SJG). This is intended to be a 'street level' game of Servitors fighting out their own little piece of the War in a small, Southern city. Contrast and Brightness levels are about equal to the Core Book. This means that demons, while they should be evil, do not have to go around kicking babies and eating puppies at random, and angels, while good, may not always be very /nice/. It also means that angels and demons, on occassion, may be friends even while they oppose one another's aims.

As far as Darkness goes...Heaven is not winning. However, neither is Hell. Hell has a lot of influence with powerful humans, the decision-makers of the world, but the Princes of Hell quarrel amongst each other, and their Servitors spend almost as much time thwarting the schemes of rivals as they do fighting angels. Angelic Servitors rarely undermine each other openly, but even in Heaven, some Words find that their definitions of good do not match, and to promote the Word of their Superior, another Archangel's influence may suffer. Also, angels tend to be more picky about what human servants they have, and therefore tend to have less corporeal influence in the halls of the mighty. But the humans they do recruit serve fiercely and selflessly, and sometimes one Soldier of God, even if only a schoolteacher, can make more difference than ten Hellsworn who are just trying not to get caught.

Thus, the War, in Columbia and in elsewhere, remains at an uneasy stalemate, with both sides focusing more on gathering souls and thwarting enemies than on making any major aggressive motions. However, that may change as events progress, and opportunities open...

If you are interested, see the game info here or email me directly and we can talk about it.
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