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Old 04-21-2015, 07:29 PM   #1
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Default FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

With no official AADA activity I was wondering if anyone is running their own private leagues. If so can you share some advice. I have a store looking to have one in house and since I was low key CW player years back I can use some pointers.
Thank you
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

This post is about variant rules. If you do not like variant rules, please ignore this reply.

I sponsored the WADA Car Wars League for a period of four years from 1999 to 2002. The WADA Car Wars League is an online tournament that awards points for playing Car Wars arena duels and combat races.

My Web site has the rules used for the four past tournaments and the final standings of each tournament. I have also listed the current set of rules recommended for anyone who wants to use the WADA Car Wars League tournament system.

SWAT HQ - World Autoduel Association

If there is sufficient interest, I may be able to run another WADA Car Wars League this year or next year. Running such a tournament and restricting it to Car Wars Classic might help promote the reprinted Car Wars Classic and the upcoming Car Wars Arenas supplement.

If you have questions about the WADA tournament system, drop me a note. I also have other variants from other gaming groups you might find useful.+
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

My advice: ask the store owner which day of the week is the least busy for him.
Tell him you would like to bring in potential customers on his least busy day.
If he sells refreshments in house, then you are bringing in guaranteed customers.
All you ask for is space to run a game. Also, bring as much as you can with you and take it away at the end of the day, so you don't gave to leave stuff there.
You don't want to be thought of as a burden.

Every business man knows more people in the door means more chance for sales

Good luck and drive offensively.

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Old 04-21-2015, 11:28 PM   #4
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

SPARK runs a yearly duel circuit and a couple of off-season duels with more wide-ranging rulesets. In the last year or so most of our games have been at the home of one of our members, but in previous years the majority of our events were at games stores.

Some really basic recommendations:
- For your first event (and then every once in a while) run an Amateur Night-style scenario where everyone plays pregen vehicles, either all the same vehicles or ones with similar power. (Not just the same division, but vehicles that have a good shot against each other.) Post flyers for it (if possible) and make sure it's clear that it's for beginners. Have the organizer act as GM, helping people learn the game by teaching the rules.

- When running events where people can bring their own vehicle designs, make sure you design and bring extra vehicles in case someone new would like to join.

- Put together a website and post your rule information and schedule there.

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Old 04-22-2015, 07:23 AM   #5
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

I would also keep it simple... Use the current Classic box ONLY - no rules that they have to go out and find. This keeps it simple, yes, but also gives the store owner a chance to sell the product that they are playing with.
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Old 04-22-2015, 02:25 PM   #6
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

I'm setting up a tournament with the goal of starting a regular league thing. The rules will be limited to Car Wars Classic and I'm planning to use the WADA points system that owenmp has setup for overall standings. I will also throw in some "bounties" so players can earn extra cash.

I've almost got everything polished enough to share. :)
Rich "DickNervous" Neves
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Mod of /r/CarWarsGame on reddit
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Default Re: FLGS Car Wars Leagues today

Jeffro has a nice summary of a duelling league on his website too:

If you haven't checked this out, it is well worth your time…

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car wars

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