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Default WTS UK: Munchkin games and promos

For Sale. UK based, happy to ship worldwide. Only trades I'm looking for are Big Red God and Eat Santa's Cookies.

Munchkin Oz with Yellow Brick Raid and Tip, Tame and Unjustly Accused promos 20
Munchkin Conan with Conan booster and Rescue Conan promo 20
Moops Monster Mash Up (small box) with Mistakenly Modified Moop promo 20
Munchkin Pathfinder with Guns and Razzes, Truly Gobnoxious, Gobsmacked and Head Cannon, Unholy Cow, Hobbled Goblin and Jobs Goblin promos 30

Boom!Box set of 12 comic promos plus the two mini comics: Dominant Genie, Spyke Leads The Charge, Boom Box, Ha! Missed Me!,Chill Axe, Elf-Help Book, Super Hoard!, Curse! Temporary Inanity, Lucky In Love, Unlucky In Cards, Hireling: Brown Nose, Sell Your Levels For Items, Palm Tree

Duck of Gloom card: Curse! Duck of Gloom plus packaging
Duck of Doom cards: Re-Duck-Ulous and Curse! Peeking Duck plus packaging
Hoodie cards (1 missing): Casual, Robin Hoodie and Welcome To The Neighbourhood plus packaging
Messenger Bag cards: Curse! Holding Pattern, Newsies, Bag of Card Holding, Bagged Cat plus packaging

Warehouse 23: Marvellous Magenta Moat

German: Dschinn Tonic

Vending Machine: Potion Of Ridiculous Luck, Renaissance Fairy

Dungeons: Warehouse 23, Dungeon Of Superior Shopping

Munchkin Impossible: Duck In Black

Star Munchkin: Super Munchkin,Trap! Panic!

Munchkin Steampunk: Prof Tesla's EPD

Munchkin Fu: Mook: Hidden Muskrat

Munchkin Apocalypse: Monster By Mail

Munchkin Cthulhu: Lovecraft Fan Fiction Collection

Munchkin Panic: Friendship Potion (x2)

Munchkin: Robin Hoot, Plastic, Curse! Schooled By Mr Fanny!, Brick-Built, Hireling: Das Mustache, Cash Cow, Sketchy, Hostile Jester, Sand Witch, Man In The Moon, Slime Girl, Awful Green Thing, Curse! Shattered!, Richard, Twisp & Catsby, Foot Soldier, Oil Derek, Pub Knight, Game Mechanic (x2), Cloak Of Anonymity, Deodorant Stick, Club Of Fighting, Wand Of Dousing, Go Down A Level, Start A Munchkin Legend, Seasoned Greeplings, I Beat A MIB (unsigned), Lighter Of Smiting, Flower Power, Mourning Star, Lie To Your Own Webcam, Caster Oil, Grin And Tonic, Battering Ram, Tower Shield, Water-Resistant, Shop At Your FLGC (stamped), Outwit Tio Rico
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Default Re: WTS UK: Munchkin games and promos

I had a successful trade.
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