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Default New Player Few Question.

Hey guys my son received this game for Christmas and we have just gotten around to playing it. So far its a very fun and entertaining game. I do have a few questions about discarding cards for curses and class.

1. Does the discard on the class cards (warriors, wizard, etc) come from your carried items or your hand or either?

2. Same question with the Curse lose a small or big item card?

3. I assume the Truly Obnoxious Curse is for the carried cards only not in your hand?

4. Level 12 Tongue Demon, You must discard one item before combat. Same question carried or in hand or either.

5. Question about Curse! Income Tax. I understand it if I was to draw it when knocking down a door, but if I play it against someone does it work the same? Do they discard the initial item setting the value or me?

Thanks for any help,
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Default Re: New Player Few Question.

Welcome! I hope you've been enjoying yourself so far!

For questions 1 through 4: Unless a card specifically says that cards from your hand are affected, your hand cards are safe. For reference, this is covered in the rules on page 1, at the very top in the right column:

Originally Posted by The Rules
Your Hand: Cards in your hand are not in play. They don’t help you, but they can’t be taken away except by cards that specifically affect “your hand.”
None of the cases you mentioned reference cards in the hand, so they must come from in play.

As for your final question: That curse affects the whole party, so if you play it on someone else, you'll have to suffer the secondary effects, just as if another player had found it by kicking open the door. Playing a Curse that affects the whole party on someone else doesn't make you immune to it.

I'd like to mention that we typically prefer one question per thread with a title that's descriptive about the question being asked. That helps people search the forums and have a better idea if a thread might have the answer to their question already. If you have a small group of related questions (like your first 4), it's okay to bunch them up.
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