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Toa Kraka
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Default Detailed guidelines for fuel consumption?

Originally Posted by Vehicles, p. 82
A Note on Fuel Consumption
In this chapter, the fuel consumption figure listed for a power plant that consumes fuel is lower than it would be if the engine were operating at full power output. This is because power plants rarely do that! Rather than require a complicated set of fuel consumption and fuel efficiency figures at different power outputs—and require performance to vary—a somewhat lower consumption figure has been used, based on a more average rate of power output and usage.
Originally Posted by Vehicles Expansion 1, p. 23
Extra Detail—Fuel Consumption
Some fuel consumption figures in Vehicles are understated, as they are based on normal cruising operation at half or less power. For more realistic fuel requirements, multiply the fuel usage of all jet engines and internal combustion or gas turbine power plants that use coal, wood, jet fuel, gasoline, or diesel fuel by 3.
Originally Posted by Fourth Edition Basic Set, p. 463
Long-Distance Movement
Cruising Speed: Travel conditions, safety considerations, and the need to conserve fuel or energy mean that, in practice, ground and air vehicles typically use only 60–70% of Top Speed when traveling long distances.
Is any information (RAW or otherwise) available on how "a complicated set of fuel consumption and fuel efficiency figures at different power outputs" can be figured out?

I was thinking that "300% fuel consumption at 0% throttle (0% speed), 100% fuel consumption at 50% throttle (70% speed), 300% fuel consumption at 100% throttle (100% speed), and quadratic interpolation of fuel consumption based on throttle between those values" is a reasonably simple solution that conforms with the rules quoted above (yielding maximum fuel economy around 40% throttle and 60% speed).
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Default Re: Detailed guidelines for fuel consumption?

Such detailed things are really not possible to give in a realistic manner in any short space and are thus not really suitable for anything short of engineering books.

The most detailed rules in GURPS are in the long term travel speed box in WWII a world ablaze page 148 that gives 4 levels of fuel consumption and corresponding speeds for ground/air and water vehicles. But even that is low detail with 8 total values representing all types of vehicles and speeds.
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