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Default Munchkin AT: When to play Freezing Potion A

I "Kicked Down the Door" to find "Hunson Abadeer" who I could beat, but a player "Wandering Monster"-ed in "The Farm" which put the fight over my level.
The thing is that I had a Curse! put on me, "Blinded," that made me automatically fail my next "Run Away" phase.
I had "Freezing Potion A" in hand that lets me automatically escape from one monster, so initially I thought I could cancel out/ignore the curse for Hunson and then auto-fail my roll for The Farm, to which the other players disagreed.
Then I read you can choose what order you run away from monsters so I picked The Farm first since auto-failing Hunson would kill me.
So the curse applied and went away and then I used Freezing Potion A to auto-escape from Hunson. They were satisfied by this.
Did we play this right? Admittedly I agreed the second option made more sense.

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Default Re: Munchkin AT: When to play Freezing Potion A

I'm going to be honest, we're in the middle of discussing whether you can play Items and other cards once you've started rolling to Run Away, which would put my answer that the second option would definitely be correct in question.
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Default Re: Munchkin AT: When to play Freezing Potion A

If he is failing his next "run away 'phase'" and not just his next run away 'attempt'; would that mean that he automatically fails every run away 'attempt' that would be made in that run away 'phase"? I don't have the card to look up what it says, but it sounds like he is incapable of making any successful run away 'attempts' from any and all monsters in his next run away 'phase'. Just curious.
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