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Old 01-05-2015, 12:54 PM   #1
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Default WTT - Need Holiday-ish promos and more. Have Older promos, Quest Gold Coin and more.

Well, after many years (and the introduction of Adventure Time Munchkin), I've finally gotten the family into the swing of playing Munchkin. They really enjoy the addition of the Christmas themed cards so I'm now trying to track down the last few cards I need to finish out a Christmas themed deck that I can keep seperate from the rest of the collection. I lucked into most of the foil packs at my local FLGS and even snagged a Seasoned Greeplings but still need a few of the older(?) promos.

I've decided to offer up the few older pre-2010 promos I have in hopes of securing what I need.

Main Wants:
Eat Santa's Cookies

Additional Promo card wants:
Go Up A Level (Dragon)
The Gun (x2)
Conan Helps Out
Ear Worm
Awful Green Thing

Munchkin Booty

Silver Coins:


Older Fantasy promos
Pegasus Steed (sephia)
The Last Laugh (sephia)
Mystic Correspondence (sephia)

Rigged Demo (complete with all promos - sephia)
Ultra Munchkin
Cheat With Both Hands
Portable Hole

Start a Munchkin Legend (GUAL)
Play A Go Up A Level Card (GUAL)
Seasoned Greeplings
Santa's Little Elvis

Warehouse 23 dungeon oversized card

Jumbo d6 (Blue/black)

Super Munchkin

Star Munchkin
Space Ships booster (sealed)

Munchkin Quest
gold coin
Flask of Glue (W23 '12)
Fold, Spindle, and Mutilate (W23 '12)
Raincoat (W23 '12)
Raincoat (Spyke symbol)

Munchkin Cthulhu
Crypt of Concealment (cards only - using the boxes)
Crypt of Concealment
Biggoth (W23 '12)
Non-Canon (W23 '12)
Iron Chef R'Lyeh (W23 '13)
The Koala of Cthulhu (W23 '14)

Munchkin Apocalypse
Ethereal Plane (W23 '14)
Nuclear Vassal (W23 '14)

Munchkin Zombies
Pitcher of Cheap Beer

Munchkin Bites!
Head Waiter (W23 '14)

Munchkin Impossible
Miss Moneybags (w23 '13 & '14)
Swiss Passport

Munchkin Fu
Boo Fu (W23 '10)

Short & Fat
Munchkin Cheesy Promotional Bookmark of Power
Munchkin Bookmark of Dark Vileness
Munchkin Bookmark of Clerical Erroneousness (creased)
Munchkin Cthulhu Bookmark of Esoteric Empowerment
Munchkin Bites! Bookmark of Sloppy Summoning

Tall & Thin
Munchkin Loot Letter Bookmark of Lierate Looting
Munchkin Bookmark of Funko Funtimes
Munchkin Bookmark of Boom and Bust!
Munchkin Bookmark of Dark Vileness
Munchkin Treasure Hunt Bookmark of Ultimate Magic x2

Great Trades with:
Sativa Psyborg

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Old 01-16-2015, 06:10 PM   #2
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Default Re: WTT - Need Holiday-ish promos. Have coins and cards.

After a few W23 orders, I have quite a bit more stuff needing a loving home.
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