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Default Re: My fault the SHVYs are underpriced


My take on why tank destroyers (ie, jagdpanter, sturmgeschutz,etc) are not seen as a modern armored vehicle is the anti-tank missile. That is the modern, cheap, tank destroyer. Mounted on HMMVs, APCs, IFVs, helicopters, etc, it is the modern equivalent and is much more versatile.

You could also argue that wheeled tanks are much cheaper than the tracked tanks, and might also fill that role for some forces.

Turrets are much easier to make now, and the cost and manufacturing delay for building a turreted tank is not the factor it was for Germany then. Maybe it is for some periods of the OGRE setting, but I do not think so.

Turrets also make tanks much more flexible, and with modern targeting systems, firing accurately on the move is a given, not a question.

I also think the scale that OGRE is played at has a lot to do with it.

We would need to look at the cost of a Infantry Heavy Weapons Team (HWT) vs a Heavy Tank (HT). The ratio would need to be computed of how easily the HWT can take out the HT to the cost of each unit, both in Armor Units (AU) and Victory Points (VP), to see how 'cheap' the HWT is compared to the HT.
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Default Re: My fault the SHVYs are underpriced

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
Comment on the bold...

Not sure it was. Do you have any documented evidence that is the case? I ask, because I always understood that the reason for making tank destroyers, like the Jagdpanther, was down to larger gun and low profile from not needing a turret, which was a cost versus benefit payoff.

Since WW2 there have been remarkably few Jagdpanther like tank destroyer designs.
Nope, no documentation other than personal bias I suppose. The StuG and Jagd lines were more economic expedients than tactical choices I fear, and everything that has been added about TOW technology or other missiles, fire while mobile, makes great sense in the Ogre world.

That said, the NAC-PE war has been going on for how long by 2085 - 2090? Couldn't resource allocation and production capacity start to inhibit "traditional" designs and see a re-appearance of the turretless tank destroyer? Since guns would have auto-loaders, the designs could even be open topped once again like the Marder, Nashorn, etc.

And then we are back to the Mobile Howitzer, which is in the game ...

Perhaps I am overthinking all this.
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Default Re: My fault the SHVYs are underpriced

Missile Truck: Atk 2 Rng 3 D 1 M 4 Wheeled, 3 VPs.
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