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Default Recycled Body Parts

For a character with Injury Tolerance (Independent Body Parts), how could I model having the additional ability to replace missing body parts with those of others? They would have to be of the same or similar race; you could pop on an elf or even a lizard man's arm if you're a human, but not a were-bat's wing or a naughty tentacle. It'd probably be fair to have to pay the point difference between not having that part and having it, and if it come's with additional Arm ST or Claws, that too. It could be more specific to a certain kind of appropriate replacement parts too; e.g., a skeletal lich could replace lost bits and pieces with the bones of others.

This could be a stand alone advantage, (maybe built on something like Modular Abilities?), or perhaps an enhancement for IT: IBP. If it's a enhancement, I'm eyeballing maybe +50%, as what I've described above is somewhat similar to the Doubling enhancement for Regrowth. I also thought it could just be a Perk (If you've already got IT: IBP)... since extra body parts aren't just lying around for you to use, you'll probably have to acquire them via murder, theft, or whatever... pay the grave-keeper a handsome amount to look the other way as you dig up corpses for extra bits, purchase a test-tube created limb for a ridiculous amount, etc.

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Default Re: Recycled Body Parts

Personally, for a character built this way, I'd use Modular Abilities for the changeability, suitably limited to "Only for Abilities Acquired Through Limb Grafting", probably at -20%, but I don't have my books open, at the moment. Would have to be setup only for physical traits, too.

On the Injury Tolerance, add Cosmic (Works on Any Body Part) for +50%, to allow grafting anyone's limbs to yourself. You may wish to tone that down a bit, to rule out attaching robot/golem/undead/skeleton limbs.

Without an immunity to disease, however, I'd say this is an excellent way to catch anything the "donor" may have been carrying. So, the character might have to be really choosy about where those limbs come from, lest they get a terminal illness.

Also, keep in mind the Arm ST of the donor. Someone weaker than the character should give reduced Arm ST, but someone stronger would give increased Arm ST.
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house rules, independent body parts, modular abilities

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