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Default Re: McGonagall - Foster Jenkins - Wiseau

Then you also get people like Jack Benny. I've heard those that know the violin can tell the difference in a bad violinist (which is just unpleasant to listen to) and a good violinist hamming it up (like Mister Benny). He probably wasn't good enough to make it rich just playing the violin -- though he did get his start as a violinist in vaudeville -- but turning it into a comedy prop was what started his path to stardom.
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Stone Dog
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Default Re: McGonagall - Foster Jenkins - Wiseau

I heard Wisseu is independently wealthy and paid for The Room out of his own pocket. There was no convincing of others to fund his vanity project.
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A Ladder
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Default Re: McGonagall - Foster Jenkins - Wiseau

To make someone really bad at something I would give them the Incompetence (skill) quirk and Delusion (I have said skill and cannot fail at it). This means they try something at default but at a further skill you a person who is terrible at what they do.
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Congrats! You win the no-prize.
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character building

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