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Default A request for a little help race building

Mundi is the name of an ancient seeder ship, lost in the void after a contagion destroyed the original inhabitants. Left to their own devices the newborn races have developed cultures of their own.
Initial thought is a 250 point game, with the races being however much they need be, but hopefully no more than 100.
Humans, advanced to the point of being alien themselves. They assumed the role of god. They became the Phaedra, the ancient ones. Their spirit or at least minds live on in the artificial systems that call themselves gods.
Not really on my list of PC races, but I might need stats at a later date.
But to serve the mundane operations they created lesser mortals, ones we would still recognize as human. Many of these servitors’ were asleep in cryonic storage when the contagion was released. And sometimes they are released into the “known world” by accident or design. But they are adaptable, and that alone serves them well.
I'm thinking base human, and this would give them a lot of versitility.
The Gigas are the closest to humans, perfected physically. They are the descendants of the Phaedra and they know this. Unfortunately this physical perfection came with the price of their spiritual and social development. Individuals deemed weak are often culled to preserve the race, or cast into slavery. Almost all decisions boil down to the good of the race and their manifest destiny. They have a long martial tradition, and this caste system rules the lives of all gigas.
Think aspects of the Spartans and the Roman empire.
Next are the young races. Many are hybrids of human and other DNA. Created with purpose in mind, even if only some strange whimsy.

The Cheosai and Duljaeai are related race but not human. Theirs is an alien DNA that was spliced with human to create the hybrids. They are both rather ethereal in appearance and the Cheosai are almost angelic. Avian ancestry seems to play a part in their design.
Both of these are more or less done, I'll post them when I find where I put them.
Kemonohito are the beast people. They live a nomadic existence, hunting and following their herds across the great grasslands and the deserts of Mundi.
I'm still working on these.
Finally there are the Zwerg. Like the Kemonohito they do not appear human, but are humanoid. They inhabit the shadowy world between the Known World and the Infernae. Small and muscular they possess remarkable agility and enhanced endurance. They also possess bony outgrowths that give them some limited armor. Like the Cheosai their long legs end in appendages very like hands, but are more dexterous than their distant cousins. They have extreme night vision due to large eyes, and may possess some form of heat or electrical sense, that has resulted in the formation of a third “eye”.
This is literally all I have on them at the moment.
This world has been brewing for awhile and I thing GURPS is the best system to represent it.

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Default Re: A request for a little help race building

I use Talents in my Star Trek game. Each species has a talent unique to that species and only members of that species can take the talent. This is in addition to stat bumps/dips and advantages/disadvantages.
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