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Location: The Triangle, NC
Default USA, The Triangle NC, Cary, Fantasy Gamer's Conclave, July 26 & 27

Hello Gamers in the Triangle area (and everyone else reading this thread,

It's been a year already and it's time for another Fantasy Gamer's Conclave. This means it's time for another weekend of playing Munchkin, Castellan, Zombie Dice, OGRE, Revolution, and everything else fantasy oriented that Steve Jackson Games makes. Of course there will be a Munchkin Charity Event using Cheatin' for Charity rules on Saturday, and on Sunday will be the Ultimate Epic Munchkin Dungeon Crawl.

FGC will be next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, July 26th & 27th. As usual it is all about raising money for the Autism Society of NC and doing it by playing games, lots and lots of games. There will be prizes, give-aways, swag, and the always exciting Charity Auction where I'll be offering lots of SJGames stuff and collections of promo items. I suppose there might be a few games that SJGames doesn't make (D&D, Pathfinder, and some other games) and other events like Live Steel Fighting, Anachronistic Tea, a Pub Quiz, and a Retro Video Game Museum but once you see the new massively huge Deluxe OGRE set that Kickstarter helped make a reality, you'll forget about those things. Really.

Hope to see you all there. Happy gaming!

John LaRoche
SGames MIB

Munchkin Charity Event Cheatin' Rules:
  • Cheatin' for Charity - A $1 donation during the game gets you your choice of a treasure card or a door card, unless you are in combat when it costs $2.
  • More Cheatin' for Charity - A $2 donation lets you re-roll a failed die roll. A $4 donation lets you force someone else to re-roll.
  • Cheatin' for Cheatin's Sake - A $5 donation will let you cheat as if you had a Cheat Card.
  • Cheatin'? We'll have none o' that! - A $5 donation will cancel one Cheat Card or Cheatin' for Cheatin's Sake.
  • Not Cheatin' cause I paid for it - Support your local store by buying Steve Jackson Games, show a current receipt (June or July) and get one Munchkin Bookmark per $20 spent.
  • I'm Cheatin' & I'm not even playin'! - Anyone not in the tournament can donate $5 to add a monster to any combat they want. Flip door cards and add 1st monster found. (Yes, they can donate as many times as they want to bury a player in monsters if they so desire. Hey, it's for charity remember!)
Ultimate Epic Munchkin Dungeon Crawl
  • (minimum 6 players needed & 2 tables used, if 10 players then 3 tables, if 14 players then 4 tables, etc.)
  • One table uses Classic Munchkin, one table uses Cthulhu, one uses Zombies, all use Dungeons.
  • Anytime a Portal Replaces a Dungeon in play, that player goes to the other table with all his items.
  • If 3+ tables used, go to table with fewest players, if tied go to table with highest level munchkin, if tied, players choice.
  • If portal played from hand, take seat to the right of whoever turn it is. (draw replacement card from new table)
  • If portal result of kicking open a door, take seat to the left of whoever turn it is. (anything else as a result of kicking open door is discarded!)
  • If the Portal only adds to the Dungeons in play, the player stays at the same table.
  • Minimum 2 players per table, if a portal causes a player to leave only 1 behind, the lowest level player at the new table replaces them.
  • Players may cast Curses on ANY Player at ANY Table (other interference in combat is still limited to their own table)
  • The first player to level 20 at ANY Table wins.
  • No limit on Promo Items other than usual rules (one bookmark unless change sex, one level counter, etc.)
  • MIBs will be trying to win. Yes, we're using all our swag and promo items.
  • Cheatin' for Charity Rules will not be used in this game.
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