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Default Help with what seems to be simple

I am still confused about what the rules mean by drawing a card face down and face up. I am equally confused about how you get to choose what goes in your hand.

So when you get treasure and you loot the room do those cards all go to your hand and then, at your discretion, you can choose which treasures go to the field?

What is the difference between treasure sitting in front of you face up and the ones in your hand?

Is kicking down the door the only time when a card is drawn face up?

Is collecting treasure and looting the room considered a face down draw?

I know these are probably somewhere in the rules, but I am still confused after reading them.
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Default Re: Help with what seems to be simple

Face-up means everyone sees it, face down means that only you see it. That would mean that any card you draw face-down would inherently go into your hand, but that does not mean that face-up cards do not. I'll expand on that, shortly.

Now, when you draw Treasure after you have won a combat alone, then you draw face-down and you would put those cards in your hand, and then, at your discretion, you could play them to the table (assuming it's legal to do so for each particular card). If you won a combat with help, you draw the cards face-up, so that everyone can see, but the result is the same: Each player takes the cards he's chosen into his hand and then may play them, if allowed. The rules do say that you can play Item cards that you just received, so you can play Items when it's not your turn under that circumstance.

Treasure cards are either Items or something else. Treasure cards that are not Items are usually played for their effect and discarded, unless the card says otherwise. Item cards may be played to the table (then they are carried), and once they are carried, they are no longer in your hand, so they don't count against your hand limit. Items remain in play until you discard them (legally; that's another can of worms I'm not ready to open). If you are using an Item, then leave the Item upright. It is now giving your character a special ability or a combat bonus. If you are not using the Item, turn it sideways. This means that you can play Items you can't use. However, remember, that you can only carry one Big Item, so that means you can only have one on the table per player (there are exceptions to this, of course, but since we're one the Munchkin 101 forum, I'm not going to deal with major exceptions right now).

Given what I said above, kicking down the door is the most common face-up draw you will make, but if you defeat a Monster (or more) with a helper, then you draw Treasure face-up. Other cards might also tell you to draw cards a certain way. Looting the room is always face-down.

If you want rules quotes, I'll be happy to oblige you by pointing them out. :-)
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Default Re: Help with what seems to be simple

When you draw a card face down, it goes directly into your hand. At that point, if it's legally playable, you can play it to the table. Examples include the card you get for Looting The Room after you don't fight a monster and the Treasures you receive for killing a monster without help.

When you draw a card face up, you have to show it to everyone before anything else happens. Examples include the Door you get when you Kick Open The Door and the Treasures you receive for killing a monster with help (even if you don't give any to your helper, you draw them face up).

Treasures in your hand don't give you any bonuses against monsters. You have to play them to receive their benefits. (Exception: Treasures that say "Usable once only" may be played from your hand; they don't have to be on the table first.)
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