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Default [FRAG] A Rule On Card Effects

My friend played the Special card "Game Hack: Assume Control" basically giving the opponent control of my 'movements' but I still controlled every other action.

I played "Personal Teleporter" which states "Play in place of movement on your turn." And finishes with "You may not make any other moves before or after playing this card."

I played it to stop her from controlling my turn and they argued that's a decision only she could make because it was part of my movement.

Was my move legal or was she right?
Josh Surfus
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Default Re: [FRAG] A Rule On Card Effects

The puppeteer controls your legs (in effect, for the most part). Playing the teleport card removes your option of walking (running, jumping, etc.) that turn, as you pointed out. Without having the physical cards in front of me, I'd have to say, based on just these points, that you were in the right. Good move! ;-)
Franklin W. Cain
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Default Re: [FRAG] A Rule On Card Effects

I feel obliged to observe that there's one variable unaccounted for: had you rolled dice for movement yet? If so, that should prevent the use of Personal Teleporter; if not, the Game Hack may have been played prematurely. Again, though, I don't have the cards at hand.
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frag, movement

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