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Default Does auto killing a Monster end combat?

If it's an auto kill I.E An epic orc eating a level 1 monster, can someone still wondering monster in a creature, or no because I"ve killed my first monster right away?

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Default Re: Does auto killing a Monster end combat?

I moved this question to its own thread because it was not a follow-up to a response, nor did it directly pertain to the original question. We ask that people not tack on questions to the end of a thread that may be related because it creates problems with tangents running through threads causing difficulty with people finding the answers that they want.

As for your question: Any method of auto killing a Monster that does not say it ends combat or ends combat immediately does not prevent players from playing Wandering Monster, or some other legal way of adding a Monster to the combat, even if there was originally only one Monster in the combat. No method that pertains to the original Monster could be used (e.g., Mate, or Undead), however. To my memory, nothing about the Epic Orc's ability says that combat is ended, just that no one can do anything to the Monster to make it "unmunchable" once the Orc has decided to munch it (which must be done when the Monster is first turned over).

As I look over the FAQ, I see this one is actually answered twice:

Originally Posted by The FAQ, in Important Note #3
However, even in a case where a single monster is instantly defeated, other players get a chance to play Wandering Monster to add a new foe that you must defeat before claiming the spoils.
Originally Posted by The FAQ
Q. Some cards say they automatically defeat a certain type of Monster (like the Potion of Halitosis and the Floating Nose, or the Churninator and Level 1 monsters). Can anyone interfere with this? Can anyone play a Wandering Monster?
A. You may have automatically defeated the monster in question, but your fellow munchkins still have a reasonable time to respond. They probably cannot do anything to help the now-defeated monster, but they can still wander in a new one for you to fight. (But if the monster had special "bring in a friend" rules, such as Undead and Bats, you cannot use those rules, because the original monster is no longer there.)
As I said before, unless the method says combat is actually ended, the above apply.
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Default Re: Does auto killing a Monster end combat?

If u are on your winning level during a auto killing of a monster but someone plays wandering monster. Do u still win even without beating the wandered in monster? Or do u have to beat it first? Basically do u get the level and treasure after combat or as the monster dies.
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Default Re: Does auto killing a Monster end combat?

The answer is "It depends." Generally, no -- you have to kill or defeat ALL the monsters in a fight to gain ANY rewards. However, there are a few weird exceptions that I don't want to get into in the 101 forum.
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