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Default WordBound in Heaven

It's canon that the majority of WordBound spend most of their time in the Celestial Realms...but also canon that what happens on the Corporeal is most important for the growth and decline of Words.

What gives?

My $0.02 (talking only about Heaven, Hell is different) is that while anyone can foster or harm a Word, only the WordBound can provide Rites/Attunements, so they need to be close to the beings who can use them.

The vast majority of angels and relievers are in Heaven. Angels aren't allowed to give Rites to ethereals, and couldn't to demons even if allowed.
Sure, there are 6 billion humans on Earth - but most have <6 Forces. The ability to shed Disadvantages at will in Heaven means that the Blessed can instantly recover lost attributes, and no longer being Force-capped means that many will suddenly grow to be symphonically aware. Additionally, they are on average older than humans on Earth and have had more time to wax strong.

This in turn means that most Rites will be designed for use by Heavenly beings in Heaven. While Celestials on Earth are constantly short of essence, Heaven is less stressful: many people may not see the need to spend hours on a Rite, since they will be getting the essence they need daily anyway.
So these Rites are probably linked to essence expenditure - to top up the user.
So "Spend essence on an Artistry(Painting) roll" would be a logical Rite for the Angel of Painters. The Angel of Archery could have the Rite "Use Head of a PIN to create arrowheads in the glades". The Angel of Healing could have "Perform the Celestial Song of Sleep on a Traumatised Angel".

For WordBound, the obvious way to increase in personal power is to trade Rites with other WordBound, so Rites would be designed to be useful to related Words. The ideal is to create Rites that will appeal to those with Attunements - so a Rite that powers a related lesser WordBound's Attunement is the absolute ideal, and trade it to the WordBound and their Servitors in return for the Attunement.

[edit] Another point is Songs. Some give an affinity bonus to Songs, so need to be available for choruses - which will mostly happen in Heaven, to get the Seraph bonus.

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